Interning In Design

Yesterday, a friend and I saw Nancy Meyer’s new movie, The Intern. Any time Meyers creates a movie, design enthusiasts are antsy with anticipation for the movie set interiors. I had posted previously on Meyer’s Magic of picking and creating spaces with the upmost chic design aesthetic. She has fabulous taste and of course she enlisted excellent design talent to advise on set, especially blogger and designer Mark D. Sikes who even makes a quick cameo! This movie set is full of potted boxwood everywhere you look: two perfect pots by Anne Hathaway’s brick townhouse door; one pretty square pot by Robert de Niro’s place; and all throughout the streets you will see my favorite symbol of chic.

The Brooklyn townhouse and office space is designed to feel fresh, light, and chicly comfortable. The build is classic in the townhome, yet the decor is more streamlined and current. Both spaces are no frills, but adorned with the perfect pinch of textures and surrounded with the ambience of neutral palette. I must admit, my favorite was Robert De Niro’s townhouse. It is a perfect traditional with blue and white pieces throughout and oozing with charm. The spaces have all the necessary details to make a set feel like a home, and an enviable one at that. It is a movie you can’t see only once. Forget the popcorn, there is too much inspiration you may miss if you aren’t careful…

Photos by Francois Duhamel Via Architectural Digest.



A beautifully appointed kitchen with a fireplace included. A playful mix of open shelving and a kids’ area to boot.


White subway tile, gray-blue cabinetry, and a great display of black and white stripes. Notice the way they put multiple pieces of hardware on the cabinetry.


A fantastically fresh mix. I especially love the mantle display. The patterns and lighting make everything more hip and current.


You don’t really get to see much of this room in the movie, besides the sweet pillow cases  (I believe they are D. Porhault).


This room has much more ambience in the movie. It has a great set of blue and white striped sheets. Very Mark D. Sikes approved. I love the sconces and lamps combined. My grandmother does the same thing by her bedside.


The office space. Exactly the type of place you would want to run any start up. Blue and white throw pillows are a fun touch. I especially love how the black and white striped rug is cohesive with the black and white space.