Into The Designer Den

I love summer, but the Texas heat makes me like summer better indoors. While laying by the pool with a good book sounds appealing, being covered in sweat and bug bites (and getting wrinkles) is not. Lately, there have been plenty of fabulous thunderstorms that call for lounging on a comfy couch, reading a good book, and just watching it pour (while I pour a drink).

I believe dens and libraries should be small, collected, and full of books and personal items of treasure. I also think they should be perfectly painted. Correction: I REALLY think they should be perfectly painted- every inch of the space. I like dens that have a jewel box feel, and that are heavily high-glossed and full of texture. Happy study-ing!

Markam Roberts via Arch Digest

Isn’t this fun? Between the animal print rug, the tree stump table, and the gorgeous shades of blue, this room is certainly a talking point. It is a magical mix of chic comfort and color. The room is by Markham Roberts in Architectural Digest.

Aerin Lauder Library via Elle Decor

Gorgeous texture and gold accents in Aerin Lauder‘s library featured in Elle Decor.

Black shelving Hermes blankets via design shuffle

Contrast is key in this little den. I adore the black shelving and the pictures mounted on the outside. Also, I can’t tell if that is a dark plum rug? If so, I love it even more! Photo source: Design Shuffle

Navy Den House Beautifuljpg

As you will quickly see, I am having a blue moment in this post today. I also adore all things velvet. It gives such a great element of texture and luxury to a room. I especially love the wallpapered ceiling and sconces throughout the room. This library is by Jeanette Whitson, featured in House Beautiful 

Dark Paneling via design chic

High-gloss dark paneling with a nailhead and white sofa. It is a combination of masculine and feminine. Photo source: My Design Chic 

Garoow Kedigan via Habitually Chic

This lacquered lively blue den is designed by the talented Garrow Kedigian. Everything he does is so chic! I love the contrast on the bookcase shelves.  Photo source: Habitually Chic

Grey Library Ann Holden via Veranda

Here is velvet, high-gloss and gray again…I know, I am somewhat predictable. But, this does have a more modern edge, without being overly trendy. It really is a great room by Ann Holden featured in Veranda.

Rob Southern via Veranda

This den has a lot going on. A pop of zebra, shocking royal blue seating, and a contemporary acrylic coffee table. All of that is toned down by the more classic wooden panel walls and stately brass accents. The decor is by Rob Southern in Veranda.

Laquer and Gold Den via Pinterest

I am not a big red person in decorating, but pink doesn’t scare me. I love the combination of the two in the study, with the pink walls and fabric along with the red lamp and garden stool accents. So fabulously feminine! Photo source: Pinterest


Nate Berkus via Pretty Stuff

Navy has arrived again! What a phenomenal gallery wall. Honestly, the rest of the room could be decorated with bean bags and it would still look chic because of the walls! If you couldn’t already tell, this room was designed by Nate Berkus.

Lee Radziwell via T Mag

As timeless as it’s owner. Lee Radziwill’s library featured in T Magazine. Full of natural light, classic pattern, and hues of pink.

Navy Library via east coast collge kid

A great shade of navy and a wonderful tufted leather bench. Actually, the desk may be my favorite part of the room. They don’t make them like that anymore! Photo source: East Coast College Kid


Dark Den via Domaine Home

Black is back. Well, it never really went away…except in bathrooms (that awful late 80’s trend with black toilets and tubs…yuck!) I digress…I love how the black in this room makes all of the furniture, art, and fixtures more vivid and noticeable. Also, do you see that gorgeous gold lamp next to the sofa!? Photo source: Domaine Home


Library via SanMarcousa

A breath of fresh air from all of my paint-focused rooms. This is a soft and inviting library. I like how they used two arm chairs instead of a bulky sofa, it makes the room feel more open. Photo source: San Marcousa

Library with color W-Cdesign

Back to color and paint. I adore the pattern on these shades and the window bench. Also, that leather and steel chair adds such a contemporary classic feel to the library. Photo source: Pinterest

Miles Redd Study via Tear it Out

This is the collected feel I was talking about. The type where you can leave a magazine open with a coffee on the desk and not feel like it is making a mess. Cozy and chic. The room is by the ridiculously amazing designer Miles Redd. Photo source: Tear It Out

The foo dog ate my homework

Oh hello blue, long time no see! Notice how they used the paneling and color all the way to the fireplace door. What a great space for the use of the oriental rug as well. The colors from the rug keep the room from looking too monotone. While this room is pretty during the day, I bet it is even better looking at night (that’s what she said ;). Photo source: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Elle Decor Quote

“My colors are blush and bashful.” “Your colors are pink and pink.”-Steel Magnolias. This room makes me happy and the quote by Alejandra Redo could not ring more true to my design style. Have a great day! Photo source: Elle Decor