Island Hopping

p 197 Chiccharney
If it is going to be this hot at the start of October, I may as well be on an island. After reading Amanda Lindroth’s new book, Island Hopping, it is easy to see why that would be a fabulous idea. The spaces she  creates are infused with an airy coastal ambience with a dash of Caribbean Colonial.As a born Floridian, I appreciate the Lindroth’s incorporation of the coastal landscape that surrounds many of the houses she designs.

To be honest, I take umbrage to many homes I see when I am visiting my parent’s home in Florida. They look as if they belong up North with stone and dark heavy fabric.  Lindroth creates homes full of texture that are comfortably inviting. Island Hopping is full of images that you want to jump into. They evoke the feeling that you will immediately be handed a drink surrounded by good friends in sunny spaces. May we all wish to live under those chic circumstances.


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Island Hopping_cvr


Not only is Amanda’s design full of texture, but the book itself is too!


p 56 Mini Salt Box


Incredible architecture and landscape runs throughout the projects she designs. There is nothing like a pool surrounded simply by a grassy green lawn.
p 110 Haven Hill


A chic collected island feel. All the texture one could desire.
p 129 Spurling Pt
Lively and pleasing shades of blue and white.
p 70 Windwhistle


Vibrant colors and lush layers make an amazing outdoor entertaining space.



The most ideal island flair: fabulous wallpaper and beautiful contrasting wood counters.


p 258 Goombay
Patterns and bold color make this room the perfect spot for a lamp lite cocktail house. Is it 5 o’clock yet?