Les Jardins

I’m not one to speak French. I know several words, and wish I knew more for the beauty of how it sounds, but Spanish is far more practical living in Texas (and in all of the U.S. for that matter). On a trip to Paris a few years ago, I purchased a beautiful coffee table book that I lugged home in my suitcase called Les Jardins de Russell Page. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but I knew I was entranced by his breathtaking landscapes. Jardin, meaning garden, is one french word that has stuck with me over the years.

From exploring the gardens of Versailles to the beauty of the city streets of Paris, it is clear that Parisians understand the importance of eye-pleasing landscape architecture. They embrace the ideology that design is not just something that needs to be applied to the interiors, but the exterior landscape as well. I have fallen in love with another landscape architect in France. Dominique Lafourcade is currently constructing gardens of dreams which are timeless and thoughtful with the right amount of unexpected beauty. She is masterful at her craft and is undoubtedly my current inspiration in the world of Les Jardins.


Dominique Lafourcade

Incredible landscape sketches full of fantastic details!

Dominique Lafourcade2

A fascinating cityscape pool area.

Dominique Lafourcade3

Phenomenal layout of hedges, pots, and boxwoods.

Dominique Lafourcade4

Marvelous design.

Dominique Lafourcade5

How idyllic is this property?! Dreamy.

Dominique Lafourcade6

Lavender, cypress, and manicured grounds.

Dominique Lafourcade7

Boxwoods with a dust of snow.

Dominique Lafourcade8

Dominique Lafourcade9

Dominique Lafourcade11


Dominique Lafourcade12


I love the symmetry she uses in her design, yet somehow it doesn’t seem overly formal.

Dominique Lafourcade13

Green is all you need.

Dominique Lafourcade14

Dominique Lafourcade15

Dominique Lafourcade16


Happy Tuesday!