Life at the Kitchen Counter

Life at the Counter_The Potted BoxwoodI don’t know about y’all, but my family and I spent a lot of time at the kitchen counter over the years. Even today, there is something fun about having some wine with friends at the counter while preparing a meal. If you have a kids, there’s a big chance that all their homework and afternoon snacks are completed around the kitchen island. As Americans, we use our kitchen counters for more than just cooking. Fortunately, Serena & Lily understands the importance of the kitchen counter and does an excellent job at giving us furniture for a fresh take on causal dining.


Life at the Counter_The Potted Boxwood 3Many of you already know that my parents recently bought beautiful bistro bar stools for their home in Florida. While it is on trend, the natural material look is also as timeless as it comes. For my bar stool choice, I picked the fresh white Riviera Classic Counter Stool. I love how it has an arm rest and combines a clean, natural look. Not only are they perfect for a white kitchen, but stunning if you have any type of colored cabinets. Imagine with navy or a pretty light blue- heaven! The best part is that they are so easy to clean and wipe down.

Life at the Counter_The Potted Boxwood 2


Up until Serena & Lily came around, finding chic and reasonably priced bar stools was an almost impossible combination. The best part is that you are getting high-end design quality that is lasting. What is better than a company that puts quality and style first.
See my favorite Serena & Lily kitchen counter picks below!


Counter & Bar Stools


Life at the Counter_The Potted Boxwood 4

But let’s be honest- these are the real life moments at the kitchen counter! Thanks to my friend Katie’s adorable daughter for being the best kitchen counter model.


Life at the Counter_The Potted Boxwood 5