Living Like Lauder

Inside the interiors of aerin lauder

Estee Lauder is a world-wide name synonymous of beauty. Fabulously packaged lipsticks, perfumes and powders have helped women feel their best since the brands inception in 1946. It is evident that Estee’s granddaughter Aerin is living up and exceeding expectations to the family name. Aerin Lauder is a true tastemaker, who approaches all types of style with a fresh and timeless elegance. From her new cosmetic line, AERIN, to her line of luscious fabrics from Lee Jofa, Aerin Lauder is making a name for herself in the sphere of beauty and design.

Obviously a woman who is sharing her good taste with the world would also have incredibly tasteful interiors. Her homes in NYC, the Hamptons, and Aspen reflect her effortless style with the perfect juxtaposition of classic and contemporary. Her homes, like her brands, are sure to inspire people to live more beautifully.

Interior design switches off from the equally chic Mark Hampton and Jaques Grange.

Aerin Lauder in Vogue

Aerin Lauder radiates elegance and effortless style. Photo source: Vogue

New York City and The Hamptons

Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home

The den of her NYC home. What a wonderful paint color- navy meets charcoal. This room is featured in Aerin Lauder’s fantastic book Beauty At Home.

Den via Architectural Digest

Here is another view of the den. It has a wonderfully collected feel. Photo source: Architectural Digest.

Aerin Lauder Library via Elle Decor

Here was the older version of the library I featured on my post last week. Which one do you like better? I honestly love them both, but the navy looks sharper in my opinion. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC Kitchen

Aerin Lauder’s NYC kitchen. I love the color of the floors combined with that chic and blue and white print. Her children’s artwork makes it feel playful and inviting. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC Home Elle Decor

The living and desk area in her NYC home. Notice how she takes more traditional fabrics and mixes them with modern art. It is such a refreshing look. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder Elle Decor

I know some people have mixed emotions about rooms with repeated prints, but when you find a fabric you love you might as well use it to the fullest! Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder Living Area via Vogue

I really love how the coral on the side table pops in this room. Lots of pretty blue and white patterns. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Sudy House and Garden

I really enjoy the mix of navy and black in this study, as well as the contemporary art. Photo source: House and Garden

Aerin Lauder Dining Room

Aerin Lauder’s dining area with a beautiful tablescape. Her use of fabrics and color never ceases to amaze me. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC dressing room via moodboard

Here is her iconic dressing room with gorgeous Gracie wallpaper. Notice the different arrangement of the room compared with my earlier post on closets. That desk really adds life to the room. Photo source: Moodboard

Aerin Lauder Bar via NYT

Aerin Lauder’s tabletop bar area as featured in the New York Times. Those miniature lamps really add character to the already interesting furniture piece.

Aerin Lauder Hamptons home via la doce vita

The Lauder family’s Greek Revival style Hampton’s Home. White house and black shutters=my personal heaven. Photo source: La Dolce Vita

Aerin Lauder Hamptons front door

Another great picture of the front door flanked by two topiary trees. I love the white-painted floorboards. Photo source: Quintessence

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home yard view

The grounds are simply stunning. Wonderful landscaping throughout. How a Hampton’s home should be!

Aerin Lauder Country House via Vogue

A beautiful sitting area in the Hampton’s house. Lot’s of blue and white throughout. Look how the coffee table sinks in to display her blue and white china. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Living Room via Elle Decor

Another living area in the Hampton’s home. As you will see with the next picture, this is the older arrangement of the room. I do love the orange walls with plum chairs. Photo Source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder East Hampton Home in Vogue

Here is the more updated version of the room. I love the incorporation of green velvet. Happy to see that she kept the leapord sofa as well! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder The Potted Boxwood

The dining area of the home. Notice her consistent use of blue and white throughout the home. Photo source: Pinterest

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Kitchen via Elle Decor


Her Hampton’s kitchen in Elle Decor. She has such a fresh and casual approach to this room. Those bar stools are swoon worthy!

Aerin Lauder Hampton Master via Elle Decor

Again, Aerin loves the use of patterns throughout. This fabric by Michael Divine really allows the white in the bedding and rug to pop against the cream and brown colors. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder child's room Hamptons via Elle Decor

Back to a more modern mix for one of her son’s bedrooms in the Hamptons. How fun for a boys room! Photo source: Elle Decor

Guest Bedroom in Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home

A guest bedroom in their Hampton’s home. I would never leave! Photo source: Pinterest

Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home outdoor area

The outdoor/indoor living area as featured in Aerin’s book Beauty at Home. I love how the window displays the fabulous greenery outside. Photo source: One Kings Lane 

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Beauty at Home

Another view of the space. How lush! Notice the blue and white pots by the french doors. Photo source: One Kings Lane

Aerin Lauder South Hamoton Home via La Dolce Vita

Another view of the back of the beautiful home. Photo source: La Dolce Vita

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Pool House via Quintessence

The pool area. What a great tablescape for a summer luncheon. Photo source: Quintessence


Aerin Lauder Aspen Home via dicorciadesign

Changing gears for cooler weather at her Aspen home. Personally, I loathe the whole “cabin-lodge” look that is in most winter homes. The contemporary vibe and large windows let the focus be more on the mountains than the inside. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Aspen Home

How striking is that black wall and glass staircase. Sharp! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Aspen Bedroom via popbee

A simplistic and stunning wood wall. Love the fur pillows! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Office via AD

Aerin Lauder’s office designed by Jacques Grange is clearly just as chic! That sofa is everything! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Beauty at Home by Aerin Lauder

This is one coffee table book you don’t want to miss! Even more of her stylish interiors. Purchase on Amazon

Aerin Lauder Fabrics via AD

Some of her fabric designs for Lee Jofa. I love the green and white combo! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Aerin Lauder Lamp

One of her gorgeous gold lamps. To see and purchase her light fixtures visit

Aerin Lauder Beaty Products

Her beauty products come in the prettiest of packaging. The Aerin lip conditioner is a personal necessity of mine. Available at Neiman Marcus. Photo source: The Beauty Gypsy