Love Life

Uhhh. My least favorite holiday is among us. Even my friends in relationships think that this holiday is pretty ridiculous. It is either a pre-fixe menu in a restaurant full of people who probably can’t afford to be there, or it is a quiet night in, that may feel like any night of the week. Of course, if you are with the one you love the most, it is all quite fun. If you have no one but a pug, it is just another night to enjoy a really nice glass of wine.

Don’t fret, even if you are alone with a pug. Also, don’t be discouraged if you have nothing in particular that you want gifted from your significant other. I can always think of things to be gifted from others and gifted to yourself. So, go buy yourself something lovely or forward this as a big ol’ hint to your love. There is always something to buy that is obvious, but these are the little things you should love!

Beauty Counter Citrus Mimosa Bosy Wash Beauty Counter Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Countertime by BeautyCounter. That is right. Do you want to go back in time to 1938? That is the last year the U.S. regulated personal care products. I find it alarming that the E.U. has banned 1.400 ingredients versus the U.S. only banning 11. The body wash smells divine and the face balm takes off your makeup beautifully and leaves your skin as soft (but WAY more firm) as a baby’s bottom.

Bouqs flower delivery

Flower Power. Bouqs packages their flowers in a chic and very California way. They last a long time, and provide the right amount of romance to any space.

CROSBY by Mollie Burch

You know I love blue and white, so it is no surprise I love these tops by CROSBY by Mollie Burch. She designs her own patterns and her tops are generous in size. They wear in a very flattering way!

Joy Young Living Essential Oil Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in Mona

I love my essential oils. I am not talking about the Whole Foods kind of oils. These oils are therapeutic grade oils by Young Living,  They can be ingested with no problem. Jessica Alba recently admitted her love of Young Living’s Joy Oil as her daily perfume. This uplifting scent boosts moods, calms emotion, promotes peace, and eases nerves.

I personally can not sleep without diffusing the Lavender oil. It is made from actual French lavender (not Lavendula). The smell is heavenly.

Sisters Ink Studio

I have fallen in love with Sisters Ink Studio stationery. The next time you see me out, my card will be their latest masterpiece. P.S., look at those dreamy liners!!! Also, do you not adore that blue and white countertop???Jude Frances Braclets

If you want a little more bling, Jude Frances remains one of my all time favorite jewelry designers. I would gladly take any one of these bangles.Kate Spade Elsie Lamp

Kate Spade now creates a whimsical and mid century chic home line. The Elise lamp in a stunning quartz pink would make any room (masculine or feminine) chic.

LOVE pillow Charmajesty Linens

I adore Charmajesty linens. They are high quality, as well as being very current and classic. All you need is LOVE, and by love I mean this pillow!

Olive and Cocoa Heart Boxwood Wreath

Olive and Cocoa creates a timely boxwood wreath in the shape of the heart. Another way for you to say, I love boxwood.