Love Yourself

You may have someone to gift you a fun Valentine’s Day gift, or you can spoil yourself. Etiher way, everyone deserves love on Valentine’s Day. Recently, I have been hearing people talk a lot about “self-care.” They mention it as if it is a new phenomena, yet I have been an expert for years. While you can wait for that someone to give you a gesture of love, you can also bestow some upon yourself. Feel like you need a massage? You probably deserve one. Have you been thinking about a pretty piece of jewelry you’ve seen? What is stopping you from buying it? Do you want a fancy sushi dinner? Well, takeout exists for a reason.

If you want to treat yourself or you have someone who is ready to show you affection on Valentine’s Day, I have some great ideas below!

All my love! XO- Christina

MEMO Jewelry

MEMO is the latest in chic high-end jewelry. They offer 3-day complimentary loan in which you can see, feel and try on jewelry before making a purchase.  It makes the whole buying process much more approachable.  Also, if your loved one buys it for you and you don’t like it, it is easy to return. That said, 80% of the purchaser base is a female self purchaser. Another reason to treat yourself!

Goop Bath

Have you heard GOOP has new bath formulas? What a better way to unwind than with a detoxifying martini bath.

Luggage Tags

A great gift that can create lasting memories would be travel. While it is not normally tangible to see an airline ticket, you can give a chic luggage tag as a lasting placeholder.

Incredible Ecuadorean Eternity Roses by Venus et Fleur LAST ONE YEAR without any watering and arrive in high-end boxes. These roses smell incredible and go through a non-toxic process to preserve their integrity, The coolest gift that gives.
Pink Bandier
 Adidas for Bandier pink sneakers to put a little more pep in your workout and athleisure wear.
The most luxurious pillowcases to lay your head down! There is nothing like Peacock Alley Percale.
All things LAKE pajamas wash beautifully. I especially love this subtly chic robe.
Even if you don’t have a boy in your life, you can still get all the great smells- kidding. Actually, these Boy Smells candles smell amazing and give you all the sleek vibes
Sferra Throw
These Sferra throws are a personal favorite and come in a variety of colors.
Katie Loxton
I adore these Katie Loxton Pouches. Great room and very cute sayings.
Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.16.52 PM
These Valentine’s Day stickers are ideal to make any gift a little sweeter!