Luxe Laundry

Coming home from any vacation always means lots of dirty clothes, which also means lots of laundry! I am going to drop off my little Emmie the Pug at day care (don’t judge- she needs it!), and then spend the rest of the day separating whites, colors, delicates, and dry cleaning. My mother is incredibly particular about laundry and I think that must have trickled down to me. I need lots of softener on sheets and lots of brightener on colored clothes. It is my way or the highway when it comes to the care of my favorite outfits.

Today I am going to share some of my favorite laundry products and inspiring rooms to wash your whites and clean your colors. Happy laundry day!


Blue and White Wallpapered Laundry Room

If there is one thing I love in a laundry room, it is wallpaper. This blue and white print is perfect in a place that emulates fresh and clean. Photo source: Pinterest

decor pad laundry room

I love the subway tiles all around, as well as how the cabinets go up to the ceiling (FYI cabinets should ALWAYS go to the ceiling). It is equal parts functional, calming, and cool. Photo source: Decor Pad

Laundry Room by Cheryl Scarlet of Design Transformations Schumacher Wallpaper

Again, wallpapered laundry rooms make life better. I also love how they included that pretty yellow lamp and great organization. Wallpaper: Schumacher Designer: Cheryl Scarlet of Design Transformations 

Laundry Room via Domaine Home

This gray dutch door is ideal in this laundry room. Who wouldn’t want a built in dog bed and farmhouse sink? Photo source: Domaine Home

Laundry Room with great shelving

Great shelving and clean lines make up this modern and classic laundry room. A perfectly colored cabinet. Photo source: Liz Marie Blog

Laundry Room Jamie MacLean

My favorite part about this laundry room by Jamie MacLean is the light. Most laundry rooms tend to be in windowless spaces, but why should any essential room lack light? This room has great hardware and wonderful windows. Photo source: House & Home

Chic French Laundry Room elle decor

A laundry room masked as a garden oasis. I love the french sink and watering cans. Absolutely charming. Who would have ever thought “laundry” and “charming” could be used interchangeably? Photo source: Elle Decor

Laundry Room via Hometalk

Black, white, and clean lines. I love the wainscoting for the walls. Photo source: Hometalk

Clean Laundry Room with White Cabinets

Subway tile floors and a fabulous light fixture make this laundry room the perfect nook. Always a great idea to keep a rail for hang-dry clothes above the sink!

White cabinets in utility and laundry room

Functional Laundry and Utility Room

So where do you fold your clothes? Mine end up on my couch, dining room table, and bed. My goal in life is to have a laundry room where all of the folding occurs in the laundry room. Novel idea, right? Photo source: Liz Marie Blog

Large and functional laundry room

A simple. clean, and functional laundry. I think having a nice light fixture is key. I would add a sunburst mirror above that sink! Photo source: Elle Decor

Laundry Room on Saved by Southern Belle

A fantastic floor and farmhouse sink! Photo source: Saved By The Southern Belle

Laundry Room Sas interiors

Genius! Washing machines are ugly- cover them up! Photo source: SAS Interiors

Blue Appliances in Laundry Room

A little more of a rustic feel with the antique doors. Notice the studio type lighting. Shelving above the washing machines is such a trend, but some people do not like front loaders. Something to keep in mind! Photo source: Pinterest

Laundry room via Remodelista

Hello!? Why bother throwing your towels in the dirty clothes bin when you can throw them straight into the wash? Having multiple machines may be pricey, but it certainly is functional. Photo source: Remodelista

Laundry room with light fixtures and white cabinets

I guess you can store your sterling in you laundry room. I mean how often do you really use it? I adore the lighting in here. Photo source: Pinterest

Lockers and mudroom laundry room

A multi-purpose mudroom and laundry room. The cubbies are great for organization and the brick floors are very functional in this space. Photo source: Pinterest

Chic Closet Laundry Room

A good majority of homes have a laundry room as a closet (my place included). This is how it should be done. Cabinets to the ceiling for streamlines organization and a silvery backsplash adds a nice touch. Photo source: House of Youthful Dreams

wallpapered laundry room

Because why shouldn’t you use Gracie wallpaper in a laundry room? This just makes life better. Photo and design in 2009 DC Design House.


Products I Use And Love:

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Tide Free & Gentle  Ecover Fabric Softener

Tide-Boost-DuoTide Boose Vivid


Bright, clean, and soft- these products do the trick!

Forever New Fabric Care WashThe Laundress Delicate Wash


These products for gentle and delicate washes will make everything from your Hanky Panky’s to Sferra Sheets feel the best and last the longest!


Meyer's Clean Day Basil Dryer Sheets

You may think Basil is a weird scent for your dryer sheets, but I keep going back to this scent wash after wash!