LUXE Listing

Happy Friday! I just have to share the listing of one of my favorite homes in Dallas. It has gorgeous Gracie, a chic and sultry wood-paneled bar, beautifully hedged boxwood, and an entry that will literally make your jaw drop. I personally have wonderful memories in this home with the lovely family who built it from the ground up. I know all of you will see the meticulous detail in every room. This is a home that is totally timeless.

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3516 Lexington

Architect: Richard Drummond Davis
Interior Design: Barry Williams

Lexington 1

The perfect pair of potted boxwood greet you at the incredible front door.

Lexington 1 6

Lexington 1 7

I love the ornate details yet chic simplicity of this entry.

Lexington 1 3 I love this view into the dining room.

5 Lexington

This Gracie wallpapered dining room makes for an intimate setting with a phenomenal marble fireplace.

Lexington 1 5

Behind all those “books” is a fabulous full bar.

Lexington 9 A great place to gather friends and entertain. I mean, why bother going to a bar when you have one in the comfort of your own home!

8 Lexington

Lexington 10

This hallway is one of my favorite parts of the home. Everything is visually appealing. The lanterns, columns, and french doors work together in perfect harmony.

7 Lexington

Formal drawing room is perfect for entertaining.

8 LexingtonThe green and white trellis marble is so stunning.

Lexington 11

A gorgeous room and practical layout for china.

Lexington 12

A fresh mix of blues and greens in the living room.

6 Lexington

A master bedroom oasis. I love how almost every room in this home has a fireplace.

Lexington 1 2

Getting ready in this closet would be a dream. The chandelier is everything.
Lexington 1 8

A fabulous outdoor area for entertaining.

Lexington 1 4 An expansive back yard, perfectly coiffed.