Made To Measure

I recently read a wonderful book called Made To Measure: Meyer Davis, Architecture and Interior  featuring the design of Will Meyer and Gray Davis. This book showcases the beautifully curated and skillfully crafted work of private residences and public masterpieces that Meyer and Davis created with such dedication and definitive aesthetic. It is amazing to me the wide range and versatility in style and application that Meyer and Davis are able to curate with every space. Not only do they create stylish personal residences, but also inviting public spaces featured in chic restaurants and five-star hotels.

All in all, they have a modern sensibility, timeless style, and an abundance of smart design philosophy.

Check my instagram story this morning and be sure to pick up a copy of this totally inspiring book on Amazon.



I adore this kitchen. The herringbone hardwood floors, the gold fixtures, and the thick cut of marble in the island. Not to mention the black cabinets and industrial windows.



I love this hallway. The paint color is even better when looking at it in person.


I really do love this bathroom. Although, this one instagram follower commented how they would not like this portrait staring at him while bathing. Newsflash- you can always switch a picture! I will take that stunning cut of marble any day.


Of course, I had to show some potted boxwood!


A beautiful more modern approach to a farmhouse.

made-to-measure-meyer-davis-8 made-to-measure-meyer-davis-9

Beautifully crafted with modern lines.

made-to-measure-meyer-davis-10 made-to-measure-meyer-davis-11

I love this visual.


made-to-measure-meyer-davis-13 made-to-measure-meyer-davis-14


Ivy grows just right.



The patio of a West Village townhouse that is unlike anything.


Curated and collected with a great deal of chic.