Meyers Magic

You may not recognize Nancy Meyers’ name at first glance, but I guarantee you know her movies. Her titles include Father Of The Bride, The Parent Trap, Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, and It’s Complicated. When you think of all these movies, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people the immediate answer would be the spectacular houses. Yes, the movies are funny and smart, but the decor is so chic it is hard to peel your eyes away.

Meyers’ creates homes in her movies that are inviting, timeless and reflective of the personalities of her lead characters. Her impeccable taste shines through, which is why so many people gravitate towards her movies and lust after the homes in them. See some of her chic movie homes below!


Nancy Meyers in Elle Decor

The mastermind writer, producer, and director Nancy Meyers featured in Elle Decor.

The Parent Trap


The Parent Trap Napa House via All things Luxurious

The Napa Valley home known as “Parker Knoll” in the movie. Photo source: All Things Luxurious


A panoramic shot of the home. I love the layout of the estate and the tiered landscape. Photo source is the real-life architect Mark LaRoche (see more of the vineyard here).


The open living room layout with an oversized fireplace and interior shuttered windows. Slightly dated furniture, but the space is still beautiful.  Photo source: Sophisticating




The front of 7 Pinprick Lane in the Parent Trap. A classic London townhouse look. I love window boxes. Photo source: Pinterest

The Parent Trap London Entry via Pinterest

The entry of the London home. These stairs are perfectly curved, and the orange color would be hard to replicate- it is the perfect shade! Photo source: All Things Luxurious

Something’s Gotta Give

The Hamptons


The front of the Hampton’s Home in Something’s Gotta Give. Photo source: Hooked On Houses

Something's GG Living Room via Mcubeddesign

The living area is so fresh, clean, and comfortable. Photo source: Mcubed Design

Something's GG Living room via Hooked on Houses

Another view of the living area. The perfect beach house design. Photo source: Hooked on Houses


What a great idea to use different shades and shapes of white plates and platters. Photo source: Cote de Texas


A very livable kitchen. Classically white and comfortable. Photo source: Pinterest

Something's GG via Collage of Life

The bedroom (Diane Keaton at the desk there). Everything about this house is relaxed, inviting, and spacious. It is the kind of house that would look good with a little sand from the beach mixed in. Photo source: Collage of Life

The Holiday


The Holida LA house via pinterest

A fabulous home with a beautiful breezeway above the door. This house is full of contrast! Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday Backyard LA House via Pinterest

The back of the house. Great navy loungers with white pillows. As you can see from the back of the house, it is a perfect modern spanish colonial. Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday LA Bedroom via Pinterest

The master bedroom. The textured rug makes for a more inviting space. Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday Living room LA via Pinterest

The living room in the movie. This house loves contrasting neutrals. I really enjoy the wide paned french doors. Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday Living via Cottonwood Interiors

This house a great reminder that white walls can bring in great light, and really allow for your furniture to be the focal point.

English Countryside


A sweet and charming English cottage. A great shade of blue/green lines the windows, door, and gate.

The holiday Cottage Living via Sophisticating

So English in every way. That tufted ottoman would look great in any space, modern or traditional. Photo source: Sophisticating

The Holiday Cottage Living Area via Modern Country Style

Another view of the cottage’s living area. It feels like a grown-up doll house. Photo source: Modern Country Style 

It’s Complicated

Santa Barbara


The charming house in It’s Complicated. A perfect placement for a front yard swing. Photo source: Pinterest

It's Complicated via lattelisa

The bricked courtyard area. Photo source: Latte Lisa

It's Complicated Kitchen via House Beautiful

The kitchen includes open shelving, cararra marble island and picturesque window overlooking the courtyard. Photo source: Pinterest

Living Room of It's Complicated House via Pinterest

The living space. There isn’t anything not to love. A perfect space to gather with family and gossip with friends. Photo source: Pinterest

It's Complicated Living area via My Lucious Life

Another view of the living room. Fabulous arched wood ceilings. Photo source: My Luscious Life

It's Complicated Hallway via My Luscious Life

The hallway leading to the master bedroom. The courtyard allows for windows and doors to be present in all areas of the home. Photo source: My Luscious Life

  It's Complicated Bedroom via pinterest

The master bedroom. A complete collected California vibe. Photo source: Kelly Green Interiors