Molding Matters

Unless you are building a house (or a designer or architect), there is a chance you can miss it. However make no mistake, moldings matter. Whether you sway traditional or modern, moldings and baseboard can make a huge impact on your space. It shows thought on the part of the architecture and compliments the interiors, yet so many people tend to miss the boat on this.

At times, traditional moldings can look beautiful with a modern aesthetic, but never reversed or mixed. Often, we walk into a home that has great architecture and design, yet little to no molding. It leaves us with a feeling of incomplete. Fortunately, that is easily fixable. I thought I would share some rooms to inspire not only for their molding, but also the complete package!

Images labels are sourced. Short on time, but will add credits later today!

via This is GlamorousAshley Whitaker Bunny Williams


via art deco plastering by Beth Webb Robert Elliot Homes via AD

Cartelle Design
Madduz Creative yl carter @abranca via Veranda via desire to inspire via windsor one

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