My Affair With A House

I have always loved pretty places. I think part of that stemmed from growing up with a very stylish grandmother and great-grandmother. Not to say that my mom is less stylish, I just think she was over-saturated as a child with too much fabric, china, and antiques that she decided to take a more fresh and relaxed approach to decor. I hope I am a combination of all three generations.

While their homes were always a source of inspiration (think a mix of Charlotte Moss, Bunny Williams, and Charles Faudree), there was one issue of Southern Accents in 2003 that really launched my love of interiors. The issue, which remained in my childhood nightstand until my mother tossed it years later, featured the Southern Accents 2003 Show House. It just so happens this home, built by Bob Thompson and designed by Cathy Kincaid, is in Dallas, Texas. Ironic, since when I read it I was just a young teenager in Florida with no vision of landing there four years later.

Cathy Kincaid is talented enough to know how to adorn a timeless house, without it requiring a face-lift years later- pillows, wallpaper, and paint often need a little botox :). This house is a true testament to her vision, class, and always relevant style. I’d love to hear what homes have always “stuck” with you over the years!

Front of House CK SA 2003

The front drive of the Southern Accents 2003 Show House. I still see homes like this built all around Dallas today. Proves once more that 11 years later it stood the test of time.

Back of House CK SA 2003

The back of the home. I remember thinking how unusual it was that the window panes were a pretty blue. A great backyard for entertaining.

Patio CK SA 2003

The back loggia with different shades of ticking. While wicker is not as popular today (in my opinion) as it was then, I would be very happy with this seating arrangement. Maybe throw in some garden stools and call it a day!

Basement CK SA 2003

Stairs leading down to the basement/wine cellar area. Love the exposed brick wall.

Bedroom Headboard CK SA 2003

Bedroom 1 CK SA 2003

A soft pattern of blue and white. P.S. I think monogram neck rolls make the perfect gift when you are a houseguest!

Bedroom Enterance CK SA 2003

Bedroom View CK SA 2003


Bedroom 4 CK SA 2003

Nightstand CK SA 2003

I still love this classic wallpaper. The bedrooms in this house are spacious, but Cathy scales them in a way where they do not feel empty. She uses space wisely!

Sitting area CK SA 2003


Vingette 2 CK SA 2003

Cathy incorporates lots of blue and white pieces in this house.

Blue and White Room CK SA 2003

Speaking of blue and white….See how those colors can be used so differently?


Citting Area CK SA 2003

Look at how she put the framed prints on the very top of the wall. Looks great! Also, catch the nailhead detail of the stool on the right side of the picture?


Blue and white pagodas in the fireplace. It works since the fireplace is so tall. Also, I love a fireplace in a dining room, adds a great architectural element.

Dining Room 2 CK SA 2003 Dining Room 3 CK SA 2003 DNROOM.05.RGB

And here is the dining room that launched a thousand dining rooms. Spider backed chairs were HUGE at the time. Also, the mirrored french doors really made the room seem bigger than it is.


Yes, still relevant. Blue and white with a pop of amethyst.

Kitchen CK SA 2003

While the sunflowers and yellow walls may age this picture, the green custom kitchen and both types of light fixtures would still look good in any style home.

Hallway CK SA 2003

Somewhat dated (yellow walls), but the juxtaposition of brick columns and red toile is still interesting.

Living Room CK SA 2003

That tapestry is perfect for this room. Always a good solution for when you have a very large wall space and tall ceilings.

Sitting Area 4 CK SA 2003

This picture is a great reminder to hang your curtains to the edge of the ceiling.

Master Bath CK SA 2003

Master Bathroom. I love the layout with the vanity and the abundance of natural light!

Men's Closet_CK SA 2003

Man’s Dressing Room

Woman's Closet 2 CK SA 2003 Woman's Closet CK SA 2003

Woman’s Dressing Rroom

Vingette CK SA 2003

I wonder what a Southern Accents Show House would look like today? Sadly, we will never know!

For more photos of the 2003 Southern Accents Show House visit Cathy Kincaid and Bob Thompson Homes.

Photos from Cathy Kincaid, Pinterest, and Bob Thompson Homes.