New Growth Designs

New Growth Designs 11

Potted Topiary


I have to admit, for having a blog called The Potted Boxwood, I don’t always have a magical green thumb. Sometimes a little faux plant action is necessary. A friend recently told me about a brand called New Growth Designs that creates very high quality faux plants and floral arrangements. Their greenery is UV Sustainable, which means that it won’t fade in the sun. They are so beautiful it is hard to tell they aren’t real!

While the brand is accessible primarily to the trade, it is available on several great shopping websites I have linked below. From topiaries to boxwood to peonies to fiddle figs, they pretty much make every great flower and plant you would want. Keep in mind, quality faux plants are investments that ultimately pay off in the long run of your floral and plant budget.  While nothing replaces the smell and appeal of fresh flowers, these definitely come pretty close!


New Growth Designs 5

Floral arrangement that has the ideal color combination



Potted Topiary

New Growth Designs

Bayberry Vine. If you can’t make vines, buy them!

New Growth Designs 4

Rose Floral Arrangement

New Growth Designs 6

White Peony arrangement

New Growth Designs 12

Chic Faux Fern

New Growth Designs 30

A set of potted ranunculus

Fiddle Fig

Fiddle Fig


Faux Geranium

New Growth Designs 15

Walls of Boxwood

New Growth Designs 2

Rose Leaf Vine

New Growth Designs 3

Calla Lily

New Growth Designs 7

Large Peony Arrangement  

New Growth Designs 13New Growth Designs 9

Peony Bouquet

New Growth Designs 8

Small Peony Arrangement ideal for a bathroom or bedside table

New Growth Designs 31

These Faux Wreaths and Garland will have you rethinking all those needles to pick up year after year!