Nora Murphy’s Country House Style

Nora Murphys Country House Style
While fall brings along the back to school grind, cooler (slightly) temperatures, and the swing of our daily routine, it has an entirely different meaning for those who are avid fans of design. ‘Tis the season of beautiful new coffee table books. I have been so fortunate to receive some advanced copies of gorgeous new books. The first one, that features Nora Murphy’s Connecticut country home, is definitely one to share.

Nora Murphy’s Country House Style takes you into her warm, inviting spaces. She recognizes how to make a house a home and fill it with the true ambiance that is plush and layered. Nora understands how to display collections, appreciate tradition, and incorporate fresh country aesthetic. I hope you enjoy this preview and some of my favorite quotes from the book!


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Nora Murphy’s Country House Style:


all photos by DuAnne Simon
 Nora Murphys Country House Style 5


“It makes you feel happy and creative, content and refreshed, surrounded by beauty, loved, and most important at home…that’s a country house”


Nora Murphys Country House Style 2

“the feeling that the door is always open and you are among friends, exactly where you’re supposed to be- it’s a place where you are always welcome”


Nora Murphys Country House Style 3


“I loved my home well before we officially “met.”


Nora Country House Style


“Nothing is precious, everything’s used and well loved, all the details matter”


Nora Murphys Country House Style 7


“anywhere there’s space for a chair or two and a table, you can create an outdoor room”


Nora Murphys Country House Style 6

“anything that blooms can bring beauty and joy”