Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the New Black may be a hit television show (that frankly gives me anxiety), but it is also a color, that when used properly, can be a great addition to any room. I know one Dallas woman who loves orange in her home and in her fashion. She uses it in such a sophisticated way that it almost acts as a neutral. Orange is a vibrant, happy, and unique color that injects energy into a room like no other color is quite able to accomplish.

While Texas is now my home state, I thought I would pay homage to my birth state. Orange is a color in Florida that can’t be avoided, whether in the juice isle at Publix or staring at license plates in bumper to bumper traffic. If used in abundance, orange can make a room seem loud and overpowering. If used properly, it can add a spirited and vivacious focal element to any space.

So how do you feel about orange? Too risky, or just right?


Andrew Raquet in Lyford Cay via AD

A cheerful room in Lyford Cay designed by Andrew Raquet. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Bar cart with Orange Wall via Lonny


A perfect orange backdrop for a Midcentury vintage bar cart. Photo source: Lonny

Blue and White vases against orange wall via My Design Chic

I just can’t escape the love of blue and white! Why would I want to? Photo source: My Design Chic

Brooke Shields Kitchen via AD

Brooke Shields may symbolize fashion, but so does her kitchen. I love the hint of orange in this laid-back kitchen and eating room. A collection of topiaries is a great and easy idea for a dining room table.  Photo source: Architectural Digest

Bunny Wiliiams via AD

Bunny Williams masters simple elegance in this bathroom. I love the two orange chairs flanking the sink from Treillage! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Hermes Blankets in Bedroom

There is no other iconic orange like a Hermes Orange. Some will take a Birkin, but I’ll take the blankets! Well, who am I kidding? I’ll take both! Designed by Sally Markham in House Beautiful.

Hermes Boxws via Apartment Therapy

From Blankets to Boxes, Hermes really masters the perfect orange hue. Photo source: Apartment Therapy 

Jorge Marin's House via T Magazine

A subtle and sophisticated orange wall in the home of Jorge Marin in T Magazine.

Kelly Wearstler Orange Front Door

Kelly Wearstler always finds a way to add a pop of color. This orange door proves to be the perfect route.

Aerin Lauder Orange Room Via Elle Decor

My favorite stylemaker Aerin Lauder’s older version of her Hampton’s living room. See the newer version on my earlier post.  Photo source: Elle Decor

Mary McDonald for Shumacher

A collection of prints and fabrics for Shumacher from the million dollar decorator Mary McDonald.

Meg Braff Orange via The Glam Pad

Meg Braff adds a splash of orange in a colorful Palm Beach home! Photo source: The Glam Pad

Miles Redd Orange Sofa

Miles Redd chooses an orange tufted sofa in this Hague Blue room. Chic!

Nate Berkus Chiago Home Magazine

A room full of neutrals by Nate Berkus is brought to life with this orange velvet bench. Photo source: Chicago Home Magazine  

Orange cabinet linings

A white room full of orange accents, from the pillow to the shelves. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Orange Dining Room via Chinoserie Chic

An orange chinoiserie dining room wallpaper is ideal for the blue framed prints to shine! Photo source: Chinoiserie Chic

Orange Porter Chairs via Apartment Therapy

Porter’s chairs always add such an element of style to a room. Sadly the gorgeous black leather one my grandmother had ended up in the hands of her housekeeper somewhere in Chula Vista, California. Marta=1. Only grandchild= 0.

Orange Runner

A fantastic runner. Notice the orange paint that lines the molding on the wall to the left. Makes a difference! Photo source: Pinterest

Orange Sofa Charlotte Moss via A Gift Wrapped Life

A sumptuous velvet sofa makes a statement in this refined and timeless room by Charlotte Moss.

Orange Towels via Chinoserie Chic

I always go by the white towel rule, but these orange towels add the perfect balance of color to this black bathroom.  Photo source: Chinoserie Chic


Those sweet orange Hermes boxes have appeared again. I love how they pick up the orange in the picture above the table! Photo source: Pinterest

Tobi Fairley Duralee Fabirc for Hamptons Designer Showhouse via Pinterest

If you follow designers on instagram this past weekend, you would have seen the beautiful reaction to Tobi Fairley’s master sanctuary of orange Duralee fabric in the Hamptons Designer Showhouse. It was simply stunning.

Via Pheobe Howard

Blue and orange give this room by Phoebe Howard a relaxed and inviting ambience.

Tory Burch Orange library via Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Tory Burch’s orange lacquered library would be an ideal location for anytime of day. Gorgeous!