Ottoman Empire

Sorry for my lack of post yesterday, I have had about a million things going on…Ebola not being one of them (talk about NOT so chic in Dallas). Anyways, while my brain has been going a mile a minute, I have not quite been able to catch up with that speed. I definitely could use a lazy weekend kicking my feet up and catching up on my favorite Bravo with a nice glass of Pinot Noir. This got me thinking, shouldn’t everyone have a nice place to rest their feet? Shouldn’t everyone have a nice, and of course pretty, ottoman?

I was a huge fan of the ottoman turned coffee table in college. Afterwords, I grew into an official adult coffee table that requires two large men just to move it an inch. This often leads me to missing the versatile ottomans that could double as extra seating, extra space to lay a drink, and an extra shot of fabric personality.

I recently purchased two Jonathan Adler ottomans (1/2 off!)  that claim to be a brown cafe color, but really look more like a deep, dark olive green. They are crossed at the legs and velvet to the touch. They are perfect in every way, but I use them for decorative purposes (basically not for any of the uses I mentioned above). While I can always bring them to the living room for extra seating, they work well under my hall table. That is the beauty of ottomans, they are multi-purpose, multi-function, or can have no purpose whatsoever. They provide texture, detail, and an added life to space whether they are the main event or just a side-gig.

Just see all the fantastic spaces below…

Ottoman in Lucky Brand's David DeMattei and Patrick Wade's houe via AD

A chic and large blue tufted ottoman in the home of Lucky Brand’s David DeMattei and Patrick Wade’s home via Architectural Digest.

A mix of fabrics in Vogue by Francois Halard

Francois Halard captures this very patterned and lived-in room for Vogue.

A soft and traditional mix via Veranda

A rather large ottoman is placed under this hallway table. Unusual since the size of the ottoman  is so much greater than the table itself, but the scale works wonders in this photo. Photo source: Veranda

An ottoman bench of blue

Multiple blue ottomans are lined together in this dining room to create a bench-like setting. So incredibly smart since benches often feel cramped.

White Ottoman in Vinve Camuto's Long Island Home via AD

A large and open space with light white and neutral hues in Vince Camuto’s Long Island home. I love this oversized white ottoman that is great for extra seating. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Green crossed ottomans via Elle Decor

These are incredibly similar to my recently purchased Jonathan Adler ottomans. The only difference is that mine are much darker. Don’t they inject a lively shot of personality, texture, and contrast?! Photo source: Elle Decor

Katie Ridder's NYC home via Elle Decor

A fantastically different ottoman in this room of blue by Katie Ridder. What a interesting use of pattern and color. I admire how they just used the pattern on the sides and tied in the top with the sofa. Photo source: Elle Decor

Ottoman Ginnifer Goodwin's LA home  via Elle Decor

This large squared ottoman makes the space in Gennifer Goodwin’s LA home. Photo source: Elle Decor

Ottoman in bathroom via AD

Moving on to a dark and circular plum ottoman. A nice use of soft texture in this bathroom by Rela Gleason with large ceilings, windows, an neutral tones. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Madeline Weinrib's home via Elle Decor

Madeline Weinrib uses a superb blend of patterns and texture to create a worldy atmosphere in this room. Photo source: Elle Decor

Ottoman with purple velvet sofa via AD

This rolling rectangular ottoman adds a breath of fresh air to this royally purple room. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Ottomans in the kitchen via Traditional Home

Ottomans in the kitchen? Yes, it is possible. Yes, it works in perfect harmony with this kitchen featured in Traditional Home.