Palette Perfect

I keep thinking about my ideal palettes and it is almost a natural instinct to go to the safe place of neutrals. However, I don’t think neutrals necessarily have to be safe. With the right pattern, texture, and placement, neutrals can make a statement. What draws me to a neutral base is the fact that you can accessorize with any color for any moment. Maybe I have commitment issues (in so many ways), but sometimes your desires change. Sometimes you want a moody multi-colored ikat pillow, yet other days you want a soft and feminine chinoiserie pillow.

While searching for nice neutral palettes, I found an ideal inspiration from Nina Farmer. Her brownstone has a lovely and light ambience that is amplified with subtly colorful accessories. The space is livable, rich, and sophisticated. I think it holds some powerful ideas for living colorfully in a neutral world.

Photos by Paul Raeside in House Beautiful.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful 2

Notice the overlaps of creams. whites, browns, and golds. I love the fresh contrast. That is the one rule-…I think…contrast your neutrals to keep your room from looking too boring. A nice contrast is always fresh and crisp.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful 5

This is by far one of my absolute favorite displays of a television. There is a reason you don’t see a lot of TVs in the magazine. Simply put, they are unattractive. This antique mirrored cover over the fireplace is beyond exceptional.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful

I love the evening moment this dining room brings. The skirted table with fringe detailing adds a punch of sass.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful 6

A beautifully appointed kitchen. It seems as if it has been tailored to fit just perfectly. Again, this is another example of superb contrast of neutral hues.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful 7

Clearly, you would never leave this kitchen. The large wooden desk is the opposite of a predictable kitchen built-in. The wooden contrast provides personality and pizazz.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful 11

I am always so intrigued to see black high gloss doors in interiors. It infuses sleek sophistication to the bathroom.  I think the octagon sinks are the most intriguing finishing touch.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful 8

A serene, cultured, and aesthetically contrasted bedroom. This room is hard not to love. It looks comfortable and glamorous.

Nina Farmer Brownstone via House Beautiful 10

I can’t help but feel this townhouse is a statement in neutrals and total sophistication.