Piercing White

I don’t know about where you live, but in Dallas it is incredibly hot right now. Today, I want to take you to Houston. Where I am positive it is just as hot, stifling, and even more humid. While I should be showing you fall images of deep velvet, dark glossy rooms, and fur blankets, it is just not a reality at the moment.

Instead, I am going to show you the perfect house to beat the heat, without veering off of my signature beat. Pamela Pierce’s Houston home was the very first residence¬†that came to mind. It is finished in shades of white and timeless architecture. It is not overly formal, nor does it lack sophistication. It is rustic, refined and cool with warm accents. It is exactly where I would like to be at the moment to celebrate Labor Day, the demise of white, and the everlasting Texas summer.

I’ll be back Tuesday to let you know if I follow the No White After Labor Day rule, or if I am a rebel to the cause. What do you think? Have a happy long weekend!

Photos of Pamela Pierce’s home are by Laura Resen for Veranda.

Exterior of Pamela Pierce's Houston house in Veranda

Potted boxwoods, shades of beige, and beautifully shuttered. So many people (like me) would be tempted to do black shutters, but this works wonderfully.

Light and White room in Pamela Pierce's Houston home via Veranda

White and a bit rustic. Not expected from the look of the exterior, but I always like a good surprise.

White and Rustic Dining room of Pamela Pierce via Veranda

In most houses white provides the backdrop for colors to pop, in this house it is the natural earth-tone elements.

The casual dining room of Pamela Pierce via Veranda

A perfect dining area that blends into the kitchen and living room. Notice how Pamela framed the kitchen entrance with white curtains and a wooden-track. Adds a fantastic soft texture.

The kitchen of Pamela Pierce via Veranda

I love the stainless island, the more modern windows, and the relaxed atmosphere.

A casually elegant bedroom of Pamela Pierce's Houston home via Veranda

Doesn’t this look like the perfect place to sleep on a hot summer night?! I love an all white bed.

A lovely white marbles bathroom via Veranda

Just perfect. That is all. Look at how the mirror suspends!!

Tuften twins in Pamela Pierce's Houston home via Veranda

A lovely tufted twin bed combination. Elegant, simple, and incredibly cool.