Proprietors Guild

Over the years as The Potted Boxwood has grown on social media, I have had many a coffee and drinks date talking with businesses, architects, designers, relators, and landscape architects about how to effectively market on social media. There is no simple formula that guarantees success, but over the past eight years I have learned quite a bit about this socially connected world. Upon talking with brand consultant Tiffany Denson, we both felt the desire to bridge the disconnect between brands and influencers. Hence, the Proprietors Guild was born.

On February 9th, Proprietors Guild will launch with a virtual branding retreat to help businesses better understand the world of social marketing. We have selected a coveted group of virtual presenters who have excelled in effectively branding their businesses through social media. Our goal is to provide tangible and actionable advice that can immediately be put into practice.  We hope to build a community that encourages success!

If you are interested in learning more and joining our retreat, click the link below!

Proprietors Guild

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Anna-Louise Wolfe

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