Red or Blue

As election mode gets in to full swing people often ask red or blue, but often I much prefer that question in its literal context. I have my own inner debate with myself about red dining rooms. Many people have them, so I always walk on egg shells saying that I do not care for them. Of course, that is a very blanketed response. There are some beautiful red dining rooms. There are also many gorgeous blue toned dining rooms. Even better, there are always  lovely combinations of the two.  I thought I would do a fun dining room color comparison for the bold red, beautiful blue, and swing voters.

Red & Blue



Blue dining room by Mark Cunningham via AD


I love all the eclectic colors of this red dining room via House Beautiful


A timeless blue and white dining room by Mary Douglas Drysdale via House Beautiful


Roubi L’Roubi’s voluptuous red dining room via AD


Mary McDonald goes for a sharp and masculine blue dining room via House Beautiful


I love this incredibly classic and refreshing red dining room by Rob Southern via House Beautiful


Maybe one of my favorite cobalt blue dining rooms by Kelli Ford and Kirsten Fitzgibbons via Veranda


A lovely wedgewood blue dining room from House Beautiful


A fabulous red and blue dining room by Miles Redd via Veranda magazine.