Red Your Rights

Okay…I’ll admit it. I am not a red person. I mean, if we are talking about wine, then yes. However, I find myself in a very tumultuous relationship with the color red. Like paisley, water chesnuts, and trips on small planes, it is something I prefer only in small quantities. Of course, there are some people that adore red, and I have much admiration for them. They can commit to a bold color, whereas I become weary of such a strong color component.

Often I see red in dining rooms, doors, and accent decor. I do love red as a focal pop of color in rooms where it is almost unexpected. The unpredictable use of red is a fresh take on the traditional color. A high gloss red piece of furniture or a velvet red lamp shade can add a sultry panache and pizazz to a muted room. I guess I am slowly learning to have fun with red ( in a Taylor Swift meets Miles Redd kind of way).

Enjoy these great red rooms, while I try to decipher how I just used Swift and Redd in the same sentence!


Red Sofa by Miles Redd

Speaking of Miles Redd…. How can you not love this velvety vibrant red tufted sofa. Even better that it is against a pink wall!

Instabul entry via Town & Country

A red table full of blue and white heaven in this Istanbul entry via Town & Country.

Red and white diding area

A chic dining area makes a statement with pops of red off of a contrasting dark and light kitchen.

Bedroom by Julie Hayes via Veranda


A lovely red and white bedroom full of fabulous pattern and print designed by Julie Hayes. I love the luxe studded and shiny headboard. Photo source: Veranda

Brooke Shields dining room by David Flint Wood

A chic and timeless dining area in the home of Brooke Shields designed by David Flint Wood. Photo source: AD


A dining room that is bold with color and accents. The red coral lighting is eye catching. Photo source: Elle Decor

Library by Beverly Field via Veranda

Floor to ceiling shelves of oriental red by Beverly Field. What I really adore in this room is that luxe velvet sofa. Photo source: Veranda

Frederick Eberstadt manahattan apartment by John Yunia via AD

A classic and interestingly textured red wall hallway designed by John Yunis. Photo source: AD

San Fran apartment by Thomas Britt via AD

A vibrant room with accessories that make an exceptional statement by Thomas Britt. Photo source: AD

Red den via Lonny

The details in this library are noted in the gold lining, the dimension of the walls, and the plush carpet. Photo source: Lonny

Hallway of Red picture frames via Elle Decor

Red frames hold black and white photos that create a type of three dimensional wallpaper that tells a story. Photo source: Elle Decor

Red Window seat via House Beautiful

A red window seat with blue piping adds a wonderful element of surprise to this muted den. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Alidads Londona Apartment via Elle Decor

Alidad’s door to a powder room in his London apartment adds a sense of mystery and refinement. Photo source: Elle Decor

Miles Redd Red Door Entry

Of course, I can’t show a red door without showing a Redd door. Always so incredible, and wonderfully decorated for Christmas.