Roehming Around

I have been glued to my computer these days. I definitely have that mix of dread and excitement when it comes to moving. I am constantly scouring the internet to make sure there isn’t the ideal fabric that I have missed, or that there isn’t a better light fixture to hang in that perfect place. I find myself in a constant monologue that goes something like…”well this a great fixture, but if I put it in the dining room… there will be too much brass if I decide I want those bookshelves… but then where will that painting go?…it would look really good above a console table…I love the marble top console table from Wisteria…but that will be too much If I get a marble top made for my dining table..but that is overly expensive so maybe I should go with soapstone for the top…do soapstone and marble mix?…that reminds me, I need to call about a handyman putting up the light fixtures”….etc. etc. etc.

This constant conversation with myself does not stop. As much as I seemingly complain about how busy and exhausting it is, I secretly love it. I love logistics. I always have, I probably always will. I love figuring out how I am going to get from point A to point Z, I thrive in that situation. It is not just a gift for practicality, but also so relevant in the world of design. How am I going to get a bland room into one that is enviable and enchanting? Let me work the logistics. In the process, I have spent a lot of time on One Kings Lane (more time than anyone should ever spend staring at a screen). They are featuring a Carolyne Roehm inspired sale which you can’t help but adore. She is the queen of blue and white and her taste is beyond chic. She has been a true inspiration for my end results. Take a look at just a few of the pictures of her stunning home here. For more, visit One Kings Lane.

Photos by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 8

A classic Georgian home. I love the coloring of the stone and the spheres of boxwood in all sizes.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 14

This home has so much light, as well as an airy ambience that adds another level of sophistication to a formal home.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 7

Carolyne always knows how to display her collection of blue and white. PS: If you want any blue and white, don’t forget to shop!

Carolyne Roehm OKL 10

Carolyne on her timeless sofa with her pup. I love how she put white potted plants throughout. It makes a huge impact in each space.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 11

Another angle of the room. A play of symmetry and understated elegance.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 12

Formal antiques pop with the ideal contrast against white walls.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 5

Carolyne Roehm OKL 4

Could you imagine a breakfast room like this?! This room definitely has a place for everything. The arrangement of potted topiaries makes quite an impact.

Carolyne Roehm OKL

A perfect garden room with an array of potted plants hedged to perfection.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 6

Pea gravel and a fresh palette of white and green make for an ideal conservatory.

Carolyne Roehm OKL 9

Formal gardens, clipped and hedged to create a stately manner.    Carolyne Roehm OKL 13

White flowers provide the most splendid contrast of blooms.