Screen Play

Have you ever seen a space that is perfectly furnished, well-appointed, beautifully decorated, yet incomplete? If this question has ever come to mind, think of using a screen. Screens are often underrated and avoided. Why cover up a pretty painted or wallpapered wall? Well, I will tell you why. Rooms need dimension and texture. Screens have the cunning ability to fill voids in large spaces and add personality to small ones.

Screens can be deceptively expensive, but an old screen can be transformed with a chunk of fabric and a bucket of paint (for all my DIY’ers). I am fortunate enough to have grown up around beautiful antique screens- some of which will be featured below. A mirrored screen can open a room, an upholstered screen can soften a room, and a painted screen can scale down a room. Screens are not just a pretty antique element. They serve a purpose and can create a high-end space flattened or folded.

Screens are the one item of furniture that will happily sit in a corner. See for yourself.

Miles Redd via House Beautiful

A lovely blue and nailhead screen by Miles Redd in House Beautiful.

Charlotte Moss Dining Room via The Enchanted Home

Double the screens, double the fun. Charlotte Moss masters this dining room with two distinct screens to scale-down the large space. Photo source: The Enchanted Home

Animal Print with Gallery Wall and Screen via Elle Decor

This wooden screen scales-down the tall ceiling and adds a steady focal pint to the gallery-walled living room. Photo source: Elle Decor

Bunny Williams with screen via Lonny

A beautiful screen in a corner of a room by Bunny Williams. Corners can often look incomplete, screens really assist in avoiding that aesthetic. Photo source: Style Beat Blog

Amanda Nisbet Room with Screen via her website

A mirrored and black painted screen in a room by Amanda Nisbet.

Celerie Kemble Fireplace with Screen via Distinctive Fireplaces

Celerie Kemble created this timeless room and added a wonderful richness with this painted screen.

Charlotte Moss via TH

Charlotte Moss uses this screen in place of large artwork or a gallery wall. While buying multiple paintings is always nice, screens can fill large wall space (Often it is more economically savvy!). Photo source: Traditional Home

Daphne Guinness Daniel Romualdez

Daniel Romualdez creates a gorgeous contrast with a black velvet chair and hand-painted screen in Daphne Guiness’ home. LOVE. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Ellen Pompeo's Home by Marin-Lawrence Bullard via High Street Market

Martin Lawrence-Bullard creates an airy and collected space in Ellen Pompeo’s L. A. home. Photo source: High Street Market

Celerie Kemble Screen via Dering Hall

Celerie Kemble uses a more contemporary screen in this bedroom featured in Dering Hall.

Mary McDonald Screen via HB

A handsome room complete with a dark and detailed screen by Mary McDonald. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Gorgeous screen corner via Pinterest

A lovely and light screen on the wall of this classic home. Photo source: Pinterest

Jan Showers Screen in Dining Room via Pinterest

Jan Showers’ screen is used in a dining room of her design. A lovely mix of glamorous, modern, and traditional.

Jorge Elias via AD

Jorge Elias designed this beautiful blue and white room with a pop of a red screen. Do me a favor and picture the space without it. The screens brings the room back to scale. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Roberto Begnini's Room in Doria Pamphilj via Elle Decor

Another worldy-red screen in this private apartment bedroom of Roberto Benigni in the Doria Pamphilj. P.S. I went there this summer in Italy- a MUST see in Rome. Photo source: Elle Decor

Screen from Todd Alexander Romano via Elle Decor

A one-of-a-kind hand painted screen from Todd Alexander Romano. This screen with enormous detail was featured in Elle Decor.


A well-appointed room by Bunny Williams. I love this mix of pattern and the juxtaposition of color.

Jan Showers in Traditional Home

A mirrored screen by Jan Showers opens up the room. Photo source: Traditional Home

Windsor Smith via The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

A lovely mounted screen in a room by Windsor Smith. Photo source: Architectural Digest.

The Potted Boxwood Family Screen 1

A lovely screen in a guest bedroom of my grandmother’s house. It is so much larger than this picture portrays. Photo source: The Potted Boxwood

The Potted Boxwood Family Screen 2

The screen in my grandmother’s living room. Like I said, my family is a big believer in screens! Photo source: The Potted Boxwood

The Potted Boxwood Family Screen 3

A smaller screen on the side of the kitchen counter. Photo source: The Potted Boxwood

The Potted Boxwood Family Screen 4

An antique mirrored screen opens up this dining area corner. Photo source: The Potted Boxwood