Scrub Down

With the swing of temperatures around Dallas recently, I have not been feeling one hundred percent. One day it is in the fifties and the next day it is in the nineties. It is sure to mess with anyone’s immune system. All that sounds good to me (sick or not sick) is a nice long bath at the end of the day. It is one of life’s most simple luxuries. Hot water, nice bath salts/oils, and uninterrupted time alone. I have recently been thinking about my ideal bathtub, and I have noticed a common theme among images I gravitate towards- simple. While I love layers and texture and patterns in every other area of design, I really believe that a simple, good quality tub can make the best statement of all.

I highlighted a few of my favorite tubs below, and some of my go-to bath products!

Everyone should enjoy a little time for themselves today! After all, the holidays are just around the corner…. Who am I kidding, they are HERE!

Bathtub via Domino

via Elle Decor

Bathtub via House Beautiful

via House Beautiful

Bathtub via Veranda

via Veranda

Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil

 MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. The scent is heavenly and it makes your skin feel amazing!

Bathroom via Elle Decor

via Elle Decor

Miles Redd bathtub via Elle Decor

Via Elle Decor

Bathtub McAlpine via ADVia AD

Knepp Cold Season

Knepp Cold Season Herbal Bath

My go to when I start to feel a cold coming on. The Eucalyptus is strong without being totally overwhelming. Bathroom of Black and White via Elle Decor Via Elle Decor

Bathtub via AD

Via AD

Bathtub by Micahel S Smith via Veranda Via Veranda

Bathtub via House and Garden UK

Via House & Garden UK

Dr Singhas

Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath

This powder is powerful, just like the ingredients. There is something so soothing about it

Library bathroom via Elle Decor Via Elle Decor

Bathtub with marble wall via AD Via AD

Marble Bathtub by Russell Buchanan via AD Via AD

Herbivore Coconut Milk

Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak

A delicate all natural fragrance, this powder turns your bath into a lovely comforting treat for the skin.

Super 8 greens

8 Greens

Also, many of you were asking about this drink product I posted on instagram. It is made up of an amazing amount of highly nutritious superfoods and tastes fabulous. All you do is drop it in a glass of cold water! I LOVE them. A great way to get your greens in every day!