Semini Boxwood

Many photos I often post of potted boxwood tend to have several things in common: large clay pots, fully rounded spheres, and a landscape architect by the name of Michel Semini. His designs of gardens all through Provence are equal parts timeless and beautiful. His works seem mystical with old European influence, yet profoundly current with bold boxwood trimmings.
In my opinion, there is nothing more deflating than seeing a shriveled and uneven potted boxwood. Semini creates only gardens where boxwood is bold, hedging is high, and grounds are plushly layered with layouts that seem like they have been in place for centuries. I think that is what is so unique about Semini’s talent, nothing seems overly staged or like it is trying to fit in. The garden just grows into it’s own design, which is exactly what Semini intends. That is the telltale sign of a true garden expert.


P.S. Did you get my pun in the title? Happy Hump Day!

Many photos are by Clive Nichols Photography via Pinterest.

Michel Semini Garden 2

Pea gravel, white blooming flowers, curved archway in hedges, and beautifully placed terracotta fenniels.

Michel Semini Garden 3

This could look overly forced (the statue, the greenhouse…),  yet instead it looks refined, with rows of boxwood and oversized, distressed pots.

Michel Semini Garden 5

Another view!

Michel Semini Garden 4

Boxwood that is uniquely clipped and shaped to abundance.

Michel Semini Garden 6

So this is my heaven. A scattering of cypress trees, boxwood, a fountain and a lovely ledge to frame the grounds.

Michel Semini Garden 7

A poor quality photo, but a lovely example of a raised boxwood topiary. The provincial homes are the ideal backdrop for Semini’s landscape design.

Michel Semini Garden 9

A picture perfect outdoor setting. I think it is a great idea how Semini places the potted flowers on the marble top tables.

Michel Semini Garden 11

WOW. This is so natural, yet so edgy compared to Semini’s more traditional landscape.

Michel Semini Garden 8

Steps of potted boxwood. Is anything better?

Michel Semini Garden 12

An aerial view of the boxwood garden.

Michel Semini Garden

A natural and effortlessly arranged walkway and loose boxwood spheres.