Shutter Speed

It is an arguable discussion if shutters are an absolute necessity for a home. On one hand, there are plenty of homes that don’t need the addition of shutters to make them look complete. On the other hand, there is something to be said about a home with glossy black, a strong hunter green, or soft blue shutters. To me, shutters make a home stand out. They add an element of architectural eye candy that creates a delightful curb appeal.

If I had to pick a side in this debate, shutters would win. They are some of the first things I notice on a home. It is also very noticeable if they are done poorly. A lackluster paint finish or an unseemly height and width can ruin the very design aesthetic that shutters try to complete. Just keep a watchful eye on the mechanical ratio of shutter to window, and pick a classic color with vibrant hues to make them gracefully pop!


Design by Isabel Lopez via AD

A strong blue hue is the perfect background for this lush patio by Isabel Lopez. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Beuatiful Brock and Gray via Bloglovin

A large width on this black door framed by gray shutters and gum drops of boxwoods. Photo source: Pinkwallpaper

Blue Shuttures against an eggshell white home

Blue shutters and window trim against this french provencial home. Photo source: Pinterest

Connecticut home by Architects Brooks and Falotico in New England Home Magazine

A Connecticut home with significant roof lines and perfectly proportioned shutters by architects Brooks and Falotico. Photo source: New England Home Magazine

Florida home by Spitzmiller and Norris in Atlanta Homes Mag

Long green shutters frame these french doors on the patio of this Florida home of Spitzmiller and Norris. Photo source: Atlanta Home Mag

Georgian Revival with White Shutter magic

A lovely georgian revival pops with white shutters and climbing ivy. Gotta love a stately gravel driveway. Photo source: Pinterest

p-1_02 001

Potted boxwoods line this courtyard area with soft gray shutters against my favorite white brick by architects Ferguson Shamamian 

Green Shutters and Boxwoods via Better Homes and Gardens

A gorgeous green and boxwood perfection on this classic home. Photo source: Better Homes & Gardens 

White revival with beautiful black shutters

This greek  revival shines with the perfect black and white contrast. Photo source: TPB Post

Helene Rochas home in Paris via AD

The stunning Paris home of Helen Rochas. Photo source: Architectural Digest

High Shuttered Fench Doors via Donald Lococo Architects

Tall black shutters to frame tall french doors by Donald Lococo Architects.

Home of Caroline Bean via Houston Scout Guide

A lovely french country home with an ideal front door. Property of Caroline Bean. Photo source: The Scout Guide Houston 

Norman Dacenport Askins Architect in Veranda Magazine

An elegant Atlanta home by architect Norman Davenport Askins. Photo source: Veranda

Patio with pretty shutters in T Magazine

A herringbone patio full of charm and slightly different shades of windows and shutters. Photo source: T Magazine

Timothy Corrigan via AD

Symmetry is key in this entry with green shutters and potted topiaries by Timothy Corrigan. Photo source: Architectural Digest

White House with Black Shutters via Ferguson Shamamian

Ferguson & Shamamian are my favorite architects for a reason….It doesn’t get much more perfect than this.