Some Things Trendy: Patterned Tile

I hesitate to put this under the “trendy” category, but it is something I have seen popping up more often than not. I am frequently seeing designers using patterned tile work within the interior of the home. Normally it is something you see at restaurants or retail stores, but I have been admiring the use of it within kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and patios.

It is a bit of commitment to use patterned tile in the home. It is not like paint or wallpaper that can be easily removed. You certainly have to commit to the pattern, but if it is one you love- it will be worth it. So tell me, what are your thoughts on patterned tile in the home? Check out these images below to get inspired on how to do it right.

patterned outdoor patio house beautiful

This patterned tile patio packs all the punch via House Beautiful

Mel-Yates-house House and Garden UK

Mel Yates patterned tile backsplash via House and Garden UK

Stair Entry House and Garden uk

Love the green, white, and blue patterned tile in House and Garden UK


Beautiful blues by Mark D. Sikes via House Beautiful

Patterned Tile in the Kitchen Natasi Vail

Nastasi Vail designed patterned tile kitchen

Patterned Tile Jean Stoffer Design

Jenn Stoffer patterned sun room

Patterned Tile vi Domino Love the use of two patterned tiles in this bathroom via Domino

Patterned Tile via Domino

Adore this tile and the use of grout via Domino

Kitchen designed by CeCe Barfield Thompson

CeCe Barfield Thompson is masterful at her use of color and pattern.

Patterned Tile via Pinterest Gorgeous patterned tile with an array of other tiles Via Pinterest.

Michael S Smith

Lovely by Michael S. Smith