Some Things Trendy: Greenery

While I tend to stay away from trends, that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to them. Throughout January, I am going to feature some examples of the latest interior trends. The first trend that I am featuring may seem the most obvious for the blog- Greenery. I adore my fiddle fig (faux and always looks fabulous). I also have two bonsai trees, three preserved boxwood, and six orchids scattered throughout my townhouse. The truth is, I could even use more. There is something so incredibly calming about having living (or faux living) plants in your living space. It adds color, texture, and life to any room.

These pictures prove the importance of adding a little life to your living space.

How to care for your indoor plants


Slatkin Foyer via Harpers Bazaar

Laura and Harry Slatkin’s chic foyer with topiaries via Harpers Bazaar

Topiary via Wayfair

Faux Topiary Tree

Design by Cathy Kincaid via Veranda

A gorgeous array of house plants in this stunning room by Cathy Kincaid via Veranda

Design by Nestor Santa Cruz House BeautifulLove to see large basket planters by Nestor Santa Cruz House Beautiful

Ellen Degeneres home via AD

The perfect pop of color in this entry of Ellen DeGeneres’ home via AD

Fiddle Fig via Amazon

Faux Fiddle Fig (I own this and really love it)

House Plant in deisgn

Via Veranda

House plant in design via Pinterest

Another lovely basket planter via Pinterest

Lorenzo Castillo Foyer via Elle DecorThe enchanting Lorenzo Castillo Foyer via Elle Decor

Mark D Sikes Interiors with House Plant

Mark D. Sikes uses a beautiful blue & white planter for his ficus.

Ficus Tree via Wayfair

Faux Ficus 

Miles Redd California Home with large fiddle figs via AD

Gorgeous Fiddle Figs in this California home designed by Miles Redd via AD

Phoebe Howard design house plant

The always stunning design of Phoebe HowardPlant in the bathroom of Ray Booth and John Sheas Nashville Home via AD Plant in the bathroom of Ray Booth and John Shea’s Nashville Home  via AD