Sommer Days

Summer may be coming to an end, but a room styled by Ruthie Sommers will last a lifetime. Her impeccably chic approach to design is part refreshing, enchanting and fantastically bold. You can tell she designs her spaces with her clients’ interests in mind. She can create a room that is feminine, masculine, youthful, or traditional. It is this expansive variety of design talent that sets Sommers apart.

While her spaces are beautiful, they are also approachable. That is often a dilemma in decor. How to create interiors that showcase the lifestyle of the people who live in them. Her website bio states it best, “My goal is not to have people remark at parties that Ruthie designed the most amazing aubergine lacquered room. But it is to hear that they were treated carefully, honestly, and creatively.” From the looks of the rooms below, I think she accomplished just that.


Ruthie Sommers in her Country House via Lonny

Ruthie Sommers in her country house living room. Photo source: Lonny

A Colorful Dining Area via House Beautiful

An incredibly bold and beautiful dining room with swoon worthy pink lamps, blue chadellier shades, and divine patterned chairs. Photo source: House Beautiful 

A dramatic black and green room by Ruthie Sommers via Lonny

Black and green give this room a dramatic and sophisticated appeal. Photo source: Lonny

A fabulous fun vignette by Ruthie Sommers bia The Glam Pad

Fantastic vignette in a pool house by Ruthie Sommers. Look at the elephant trunk legs on that table! How fabulous! Photo source: The Glam Pad

A Pop of Orange in An Apartment designed by Ruthie Sommers via C Mag

A deep pop of orange in this collected living room by Sommers. What a great gallery wall. Photo source:  C Magazine

A Preppy Chicago Bedroom by Ruthie Sommers via HB

A soft play of pattern in this suburban Chicago home. Photo source: House Beautiful

Chicago Townhouse by Ruthie Sommers via Veranda

Fantastic curtains and dark wood floors provide the perfect backdrop for the colors in this sitting area to shine. Photo source: Veranda

Crocodile Wallpaper in a Powder Room by Ruthie Sommers

This moody power room is everything. The dark crocodile wall coverings and gold faucets work together wonderfully. Photo source: Lonny

Entry by Ruthie Sommers

A clean and sharp wall with accents of blue and white. Not overly fussy, but perfectly placed. Photo source: Ruthie Sommers

Fabulous Bedroom with Purple Tasel By Ruthie Sommers via Veranda

I adore this calming white bedroom. The pagoda lamps and purple tassel inject a lively energy into the space. Photo source: Veranda

Garden of Ruthie Sommers via Lonny

Timeless landscaping surrounds her LA home. Photo source: Lonny

Mirrored Bathroom by Ruthie Sommers via Chinosierie chic

A very classic bathroom with painted mirrored paneling and detailed flooring. Photo source: Chinoiserie Chic

Play Room via Ruthie Sommers

What I love is how the previous picture is such a different style approach than this room. Ruthie really is so versatile in her decor. A modern playroom with blue and white diagonally striped floors. Genius! Photo source: Ruthie Sommers

Pretty Pink Fretwork in Bathroom by Ruthie Sommers

A feminine and chic powder room with pink fretwork. Look at the light fixture too! I can’t get enough of this look! Photo source: Veranda

Ranch House by Ruthie Sommers via Lonny

The entry of Ruthie’s country home. The chic hunter green windows add a nice element to combine with the wood paneling. Photo source: Lonny

Ruthie Sommers Bold Kitchen via HB

A happy and bright kitchen. It is really the details that make this space so fabulous. Photo source: House Beautiful

Ruthie Sommers Cabana via One Kings Lane

A colorfully patterned pool-side cabana. Timeless. Photo source: One Kings Lane

Ruthie Sommers Dining Room via Veranda

A wonderful backdrop of grayscale hand-painted wallpaper showcases the chic green chairs with detailed backs. Photo source: Veranda

Ruthie Sommers Dining with Fracis Elkins Chairs via Chinoiserie Chic

A lovely mix of white, blue, and lush green pattern. I don’t think a dining room can go wrong with Frances Elkins chairs. Photo source: Town & Country

Ruthie Sommers Living Room via HB

The white brick walls allow the green lamps, pink sconces, and chocolate velvet sofa to shine and blend together seamlessly. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Ruthie Sommers LA House via HB  t

Ruthie’s California cool LA home. I love the black and white loungers- and of course the potted boxwoods! Photo source: House Beautiful 

Ruthie Sommers Pool House via HB

Inside the wide-striped pool house. I love the pagoda-style light fixture and deep blue fabric. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Ruthie SOmmers Vignette via Victoria Pearson

A bar vignette like no other. Different orchids and mixers allow for a chic cocktail hour. Photo source: Victoria Pearson

Sitting Pretty in a Den by Ruthie Sommers via Lonny

Fantastically upholstered walls and trim details in this den by Sommers. I love the fixtures that showcase the bookshelf. The whole room has a classic feel. Photo source: Lonny

Tablescape and Dining Room by Ruthie Sommers via Laura Casey Interiors

Ruthie has so many wonderful design pictures to choose from. Honestly, I could have you here all day. I thought I would end with this lovely tablescape in an impeccably detailed and divine dining room.