Spiro’s Nest

Decor, like personal style, can be full of neutrals or bold with color. When it comes to color, they can be jewel tones, soft tones, or burst of colors. In my opinion, no one can do happy, brilliant color and pattern better than Australian designer Anna Spiro. To be honest, my main reason for wanting to hop on a 17 hour Quantas flight would be to head straight to Anna’s store Black & Spiro. Her designs incorporate classic pattern and cheerful color. Spiro can also design a gallery wall to the likes you have never seen. They are collected, relaxed, and eclectic.

Blue and white is also an area of expertise of Spiro, but not in the traditional sense. Her use of blue and white throughout decor is modern, updated, and invigorating. In some rooms, it can also give a sense of stability and classic style. If you haven’t explored her work, do yourself a favor and check out her website. Also, her book Absolutely Beautiful Things will be available on Amazon October 6th. I can promise you it is definitely worth the colorful read!

Happy Tuesday!


Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

Absolutely Beautiful Things available October 6th on Amazon.

Anna Spiro designed gallery wall via The Vivant

One of Anna’s signature gallery walls. A mix of everything from oil, to sketches, to quotes in frames. Via The Vivant

Anna Spiro gallery wall via Savvy Home Blog

Another fantastic gallery wall above this blue and white bedroom. No need for colored walls or a headboard. That is the job of the artwork! Via The Savvy Home Blog

Anna Spiro via Wholehearted Studio

Relaxed and elegant style. I love rooms that look so inviting. Via Wholehearted Studio

Anna Spiro wallpaper

Anna Spiro also designs wallpapers such as the one pictured. An incredible use of blue and white. Via Pinterest

Bedroom by Anna Spiro via Temple and Webster

Bedroom florals. I love how Anna is not afraid to mix bold patterns. Via Temple and Webster

Bedroom designed by Anna Spiro via Absolutely Beauiful Things

An up close of the blue and white bedroom. I love the simplicity of the night stand decor. It allows for the quilted bedroom and gallery wall to be the focal point.  Via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Black & Spiro Brisbane Store via Temple and Webster

Bold blue and white stripes with gilded gold frames. Again, a fantastic gallery wall and casually hung artwork. Via Temple and WebsterBlack & Spiro Store by Anna Spiro via Absolutely Beautiful Things

An amazing display of pattern in the Black and Spiro store. I hate people who are against colors and patterns “not matching.” Just find a flow!

Blue and White delight via Anna Spiro Instagram

I adore this serene blue and white living room. Via Anna Spiro’s Instagram

Entry by Anna Spiro via Country Style

An eclectic, comfortable and colorful entry. Via Country Style

Hotel designed by Anna Spiro via Websta

A lovely display of blues, and a more understated design of Spiro at the Halycon House Hotel. Via Websta

Kitchen by Anna Spiro via Country Style

Open shelving and a comfortable kitchen that exudes a cozy ambience. Via Country Style

Pink Sofa at Black and Spiro via Where My Heart Is

Bright hues of pink and an array of colorful pillows at Black & Spiro. Via Where My Heart Is

Pink wallpaper by Anna Spiro

Pink wallpaper designed by Anna Spiro. She makes living look fun! Via PinterestVignette by Anna Spiro

A delightful vignette of patterns that will guarantee a happy attitude and ambience.