Holiday Decor from Walmart

Finding attractive holiday decor at affordable prices can often feel overwhelming. Today, I have found some amazing items from Walmart Home that are too good to pass up. From a chic blue & white nativity set to welcoming front door topiaries, Walmart has certainly enhanced their holiday items. See below for a few of my favorites pieces for the holidays from Walmart.


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All About Easter

There are so many wonderfully colorful, beautifully patterned, and gloriously refreshing finds out right now. I wonder maybe if all the downtime of the pandemic brought innovative inspiration to all the designers of clothing, toys, and home decor. There are seasons of drought when it comes to style, thankfully not this year. I am happy to share my favorite finds for a blossoming Easter table, pretty baskets, and cute clothes for the baby chick to the fully fledged.

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Dorm Decor

I don’t know about you, but my college dorm room was pretty pitiful. Of course, I made it nice and cheerful, but there really isn’t a lot you can do with ugly tan “wood” furniture crammed into a tight musty space. Long gone are those dorm days. You would not believe the decoration transformation that can take place when you put the dorm decor in the hands of the experts. There is one company that knows the layouts of the college dorm rooms, what you need to make it functional, and how to make the room down-right dreamy.
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