ABPA Christmas Home Tour

I was incredibly thrilled to be the digital media sponsor of the ABPA Home Tour here in Dallas this year. There were four beautiful homes that were included in tour, and I am so excited to share two of them with you all today.

One of the homes has always been a long time Dallas favorite, a Hal Thomson home designed by Cathy Kincaid and restored by famed architect Wilson Fuqua. The next home you all are familiar with, the home of Courtney Petit by Shelley Johnstone.  I did a Beyond the Curb tour of her home early in the year that you can see HERE. The other two homes were equally beautiful, but I didn’t quite get enough pictures to do them justice. I do hope you enjoy these stunning homes, and be on the lookout for more Christmas video tours next week!


Home by designer Cathy Kincaid (Beyond the Curb tour of her home coming December 20th)

Architects Hal Thomson, Wilson Fuqua

A picture I took earlier, so you can see it in its entirety. 

Courtney Petit’s home by Shelley Johnstone and Courtney Petit

see the full video tour: HERE

The sweetest cake replica of her home!