Beyond The Curb: Home of Courtney Petit by Shelley Johnstone

Despite all the downsides to the widespread presence of social media these days, I am thankful for all the good I get to see from the community The Potted Boxwood has created on Instagram. This is a community of people who love timelessly chic design and beautiful things, and I love getting to personally engage with every follower and reader that reaches out. So when Courtney Petit invited me over to take a look at her home designed by Shelley Johnstone, I was curious to take a peek. I was so glad when I did, and I think you will be, too! The result is a Beyond The Curb tour not to be missed, a true gem.
The minute I pulled up I knew there was something special about this George Marble 1930’s home in the Highland Park area of Dallas. What shocked me the most is that Courtneysaid the home was listed as a tear down. Lot value for a home abundant with history and architectural significance. Thankfully it fell into the hands of Courtney and her family. She saw that the bones were more than good, and the potential to bring vibrancy back to the home radiated throughout.

Watch the tour here:

Enjoy these beautiful photos of the home of Courtney Petit by Shelley Johnstone Design

All photos by Christina Dandar of The Potted Boxwood

Courtney enlisted friend and renowned designer Shelley Johnstone to transform a majority of the home with her signature and tasteful design. If you are familiar with Shelley’s work, she loves to take tradition to the next level. Shelley uses blues and greens, splashes of pink, incorporations of classic brown, and a consistent use of white paint to keep things fresh. Shelley is skilled with layering patterns and textures. There is nothing stuffy about her design, yet there is nothing remotely trendy about it either. She understands how to make beautiful relevant for her clients.
With an impeccable eye for interiors, Courtney is also not a stranger to design. While she is a business woman by day, Courtney has taken on renovations of three beautiful homes in the area. She continues to add new decor to her home, from the tortoise wallpaper in the hallway to the pool house of your dreams. She is also scouring for estate sale finds and Gracie wallpaper sidewalk sales to get the very best deals for the very best for her home. Courtney has recently started taking on clients to help them design incomplete rooms or even larger scale home design projects.
This range was a fan favorite from the tour.
The exact stove:

Shop the nightstands:

Let’s thank Courtney for letting us go Beyond The Curb and into her phenomenal home!