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I want you to create images today and I need your aesthetic advice.   I am potentially embarking on some exciting business opportunities and I want to know what YOU want. Not what you want in the sense of tall, dark, and handsome in a 9,000 square foot perfectly adorned house landscaped with boxwood with 3.5 children and  flat abs. Ooops…Would be nice though, right? Well, maybe too many kids- ha!

No, I am talking about what you want to see in terms of reasonably priced good quality home goods. Obviously, potted boxwood in pretty blue and white pots would be great. Let’s be honest, boxwood is expensive and hard to maintain. Would you go faux if it could pass as the real deal? Also, what about a variety of sizes?

What other home products do you find to be overpriced but a necessary luxury? I think livable luxury is hard to achieve, and I believe that everyone deserves a right to live with lovely things. Also, if you believe you have a product that has potted boxwood potential and would like to see it featured here in the future, please email me at

Here is my current mood board of inspiration. Above all, it is YOU that inspires me. XO TPB

All images previously featured on TPB.
 Blue and White shutters Boxwood-Hedges-via-M-Pression
The Potted Boxwood 19The Potted Boxwood 12
Tablescape via Carolyne Roehm
The Potted Boxwood 2
The Potted Boxwood 3
The Potted Boxwood 7 The Potted Boxwood
The Potted Boxwood 4
The Potted Boxwood 5
The Potted Boxwood 8 The Potted Boxwood 9
The Potted Boxwood 10
The Potted Boxwood 11   The Potted Boxwood 13
The Potted Boxwood 15
Tory Burch lving room Via AD
The Potted Boxwood 16 The Potted Boxwood 17