Tasteful Tate

While at my parents’ house here in Florida, I came across a coffee table book on the architecture of Ken Tate. My jaw was in a complete dropped position as I turned each page eagerly awaiting what the heart-thumping architectural eye candy might be on the next page. Tate’s range of skill from traditional Spanish Colonial to Colonial Revival is impressive in itself. He is gifted in his craftsmanship and details from the outside to the inside.

Here is a glimpse at only a small amount of his timeless architectural style. Pure perfection.

All photos from his website: kentatearchitect.com

Ken Tate Architecture 2

My favorite design: white house, black shutters.

Ken Tate Architecture 3

The type of house you would want to grow up in.

Ken Tate Architecture 4

Picturesque and a testament to Tate’s wide range of abilities. I love the sweet balcony on the upper left.  Ken Tate Architecture 6

A dreamy courtyard and covered porch.

Ken Tate Architecture 7

The the woodwork and symmetry of the cabinetry.

Ken Tate Architecture 9

These shutters are everything. I love the row of hedges, as they play right into the architectural element of the house. It would almost look incomplete without them. Ken Tate Architecture 10

Another one of Tate’s charming courtyard areas. This house sure does look like a very interesting and engaging layout. Ken Tate Architecture 11

Another glimpse of detail.

Ken Tate Architecture 14

Modernly established. This face is always relevant.   Ken Tate Architecture 8

Look again at the detail and framing of the rooms. I have said this before and I will say it again, “open floor plan” is not always a good thing. Who wants to hang out in one big room? I love the idea of sitting in the dining room to have a conversation. Hard to do when your dining room is your  kitchen, living room, and breakfast room all in one. I love what Tate did here, he opened the room with archways, yet still kept them as separate entities. It pains me to think the mindset of many would be to tear them down. You can’t create multiple jewel boxes if you only have one big piece of cardboard to work with.