Tip Top Travel

Summer really is around the corner. With white jean and rosé season upon us, I wanted to share some of my favorite new travel accessories and products that I plan to have in tow to all my destinations. Putting a little glam and chic back in travel makes the very daunting process that much more enjoyable!

These are genuinely all my personal favorites!



If you are going to have to carry things, they may as well be pretty.

AWAY monogrammed bagAway Bag Away Bag charger

While I love my Bric’s luggage, I can’t help but adore the lightweight and very tech savvy AWAY bags (not to mention half the price). I got the Bigger Carry-On monogrammed. I love that you can charge your phone right in your suitcase. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been a little delayed and with too little battery power.

Paravel Monogrammed Duffle

I love this Paravel duffle. It is next on my list and in this fabulous color combination.

Lo & Sons Catalina Duffle Lo & Sons Catalina Duffle open

This is the ideal bag for a quick weekend or to carry-on. I am one of those people always guilty of coming home with a heavier suitcase. Catalina Weekender from at Lo & Sons.

Spacepak kitSpacepak system from Flight 001

I love the idea of compartmentalizing my life- ehh…I mean suitcase. Clean and dirty clothes don’t need to mix and mingle. Available from Flight 001.

Beautiful Traveler

I prefer all non-toxic products on my skin. Here are my favorite to travel with, and they really work!

Amika mini harir dryer

This picture does not do this hair dryer justice. The Amika Mini Ionic Hair Dryer is literally no bigger than a hair brush, but at 1000 watts, it gets the job done just as well as my dyson hair dryer. They are super adorable, lightweight, and prevent having to use any of those hotel in-the-wall hair dryers, or worse- the hair dryers that end up in someones guest room… you know what I mean!

Rahua shampoo travel kitOgee face wipes

The Rahua jet pack has all your safe shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body wash. It smells wonderful too.

Ogee makes the BEST face wipes. Also, the best lip conditioner.  Seriously, these wipes take off all makeup and grime from travel. If on an international flight, I will wipe my face down after I eat and follow with moisturizing mask from Tata Harper  (see below).

Shop Follain Beauty travel kit

Shop Follain has amazing safe beauty products and even offer travel kits for your skin types (Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination). Very easy and convenient.

Sunday Riley Rapid Flash CEO serum  Tata Harper Moisture Mask

I have recently become obsessed with Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. It gives my skin a serious perk in the morning, especially after a day of travel. I follow with Vitner’s Daughter (and yes the obsession is real).

My skin tends to get really oily when I fly, and the best way to combat that is with moisture (your skin has to overcompensate for the dryness and that is why it produces more oil). I love the Tata Harper Moisturizing Mask. Ideal for a long flight. It just sits on your skin (no need to wipe or rinse).

Beautycounter Suncreen stick  COOLA sunscreen

Many of my adventures will have me in the sun this summer. I love the Beautycounter sunscreen stick. Easy to get through TSA and smells divine.

For an easy all over body sunscreen, the COOLA spray in SPF 50 comes in a 3 oz. bottle and also smells and feels lovely.

COMBAT bug spray

Mosquitos love me and the feeling is not mutual. This Combat Ready Bug Spray  is a really effective bug spray, sans all the bad chemical smells.

The Healthy Traveler

As this summer is going to be a lot of back to back travel, I can’t get sick. Period. Not an option. I am a firm believer in ALL of these products and take them daily. 

Juice Plus

I love these Juice Plus gummies. Somehow they take all the fruits and veggies you needs, juice them, and put them into these yummy gummies. A big game changer in getting my daily doses.

Kor Shot Back Magic Kor Shot wellness

All of my trips with friends always involve long dinners and a little vino (I wouldn’t have it any other way). The KOR Black Magic shot has activated charcoal and is really good for your body right before you are about to indulge a night on the town.

The KOR Wellness shot is made with cold pressed and high quality ginger, lemon, coconut water, and a big bite of cayenne. It is a big boost for the immune system.


I love my Super 8 Greens. The story behind the founder is incredible. She was faced with breast cancer and decided to make a very tasty (almost like sprite) tablet full of the best super foods in existence. I feel SO much better every time I drink it.

Thieves is my daily life saver. I travel with these and take them preventatively, especially while I am on the plane. Easy lozenges and taste great.

Sakara Chocolate probioticSakara Water concentrates

I take these yummy Sakara chocolate probiotics every night. My daily treat to myself.

I also love the water concentrates from Sakara. I drop in  The Beauty water in the morning. It has a lovely light rose flavor. I put the detox concentrate in my water bottle by my bed each night. It has chlorophyll and a blend of 72 ionic trace minerals to help with biochemical reactions in the body.