Urban Gardens

I am excited to announce that I will be going to New York City at the end of this week! It has been some time since I have been to Manhattan and I look forward to sharing my favorite design spots with you all (up to the minute updates on my instagram @thepottedboxwood). In the spirit of heading to NYC, I have decided to share some urban Manhattan designs for the rest of this week.

Today, I want to focus on city terraces and rooftop gardens. Their chic simplicity can pack a powerful punch. The thing about small spaces is not to overdo the amount of landscape, but to place things in functional spaces and with aesthetically pleasing colors and tones. If you want seating, add pots, but be smart about the width. No one appreciates a cramped space, but everyone enjoys an intimate setting. These patios below show how cityscapes can be immaculately created and wonderfully fun for entertaining!

Oh, and one thing you will notice is lots of perfectly potted boxwoods.

Architects Fairfax and Sammons Manhattan Garden via House and Garden UK

Fairfax and Sammons are phenomenal architects in the New York City area. They created this tiny garden terrace full of lovely topiaries and oozing with charm. Photo source: House and Garden UK

Guido Palau's Manhattan Duplex Garden

A lush patio with gorgeous greenery on the terrace of the Manhattan duplex of Guido Palau. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Jonathan Adler designed patio

A Jonathan Adler designed patio abundant with color and classically laid back. In case you didn’t notice, look at the “LOVE” on the chairs. So JA! Photo source: My Luscious Life

Trey and Jenny Laird's Manhattan Garden via AD

A pop of red in this immaculately designed trellised garden designed by Jeffery Bilhuber. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Manhattan apartment rooftop garden via Lonny

Yellow strikes against this grass turf rooftop patio. Photo source: Lonny

NY Rooftop garden via NyCurbed

Now this is garden from above. An urban outdoor space full of potted perfection. Photo source: NY Curbed

NYC terrace and spacious rooftop garden

A spacious rooftop oasis complete with hedges and fantastic wooden furniture. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Rooftop Garden in NYC via the A Estate

A tiered Manhattan rooftop garden with an organically cool approach to landscape design. Photo source: The A Estate

Terrace designed by Nathalie Grenon for holly hunt at Angus Wilkie and Len Moran's NYC home via AD

Guess why I like this the best? A perfect entertaining tablescape on a patio designed by Angus Wilkie and Len Morgan. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Townhouse garden by Susan Wisniewski via Archinect

Who wouldn’t want to spend a crisp fall morning in the backyard patio of this NYC townhouse by Susan Wisniewski. Photo source: Archinect

Manhattan Patio by John Saladino via Elle Decor

A fresh white shuttered bench on this patio overlooks Central Park by John Saladino. Photo source: Elle Decor