Virginia Is For…Garden Lovers

Wow! All I have to say is I had such a spectacular time visiting Virginia this weekend for historic garden week. The architecture, the landscape, and the rich history are just unparalleled. My gracious host (my childhood friend’s mother), had such a perfectly planned weekend and made sure that my visit was a memorable one. I will most definitely make garden week an annual visit, and hope to actually stay the entire week (not just a quick weekend).

Writing this, I am currently in the sky back to Dallas after a bit of a delay. Tomorrow, I will bring you so many phenomenal pictures of my visit, but for today enjoy these pictures I posted to Instagram. I can’t wait to share all of the beauty I encountered (especially the boxwood!).

Happy Monday!

 Photos by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood

Morven_VA Garden Week_Photo by The Potted Boxwood

The Morven Estate in Charlottesville is now owned by UVA. The mounds of boxwood were spectacular. The grounds were the highlight of the house.

Caspari Garden Week_Photo by The Potted Boxwood

Can Caspari do any wrong?! Not my first visit to this chic oasis of design, and certainly not my last. My favorite combination of blue, green, and white.

Bloomfield_VA Garden Week_Photo by The Potted Boxwood

Bloomfield in Ivy, Virginia. The property was very beautiful and their flowing trees were beyond.

Westover_VA Garden Week_Photo by The Potted Boxwood

This Georgian classic plantation on the James River, Westover, was my favorite property on the tour. The current owners have had this property in their family for generations. It was spectacular. The owners on sight were very friendly and welcoming. A definite winner of the tour. Lots of Blue and White too!