When Life Gives You Lemons

The Potted Citrus doesn’t quite have the same ring as The Potted Boxwood, but it does have the (almost) same glorious effect. I love seeing a lemon or orange tree sitting proudly and abundantly in a heavy terracotta planter. It brings the elegance of a European garden. Rows of potted citrus, two flanking a door, or one standing alone creates a beautiful feel. It gives color, height, and function to a space. A slight pop of orange or yellow can make quite the effect. It is even more an effect to be able to say that the orange juice you give your guests came from your own producing pot by the door.

I have a potted citrus obsession, but my greatest fear is their care. One cold snap and I would be out of monthly lemons. Despite the fear of producing, I still adore their magical ambience. It feels like the perfect plant for a summertime garden.

For Potted Citrus Care

alley of potted lemon trees

Potted lemon trees line a gravel garden. Via Pintrest

Citrus plants Pamela Pierce Design

Pamela Pierce let’s the oranges fall in the surrounding space of the terracotta planters. It brings a subtle dash of color and warmth to the terrace.

Lemon trees surrounding a home designed by Gil Schafer


This Gil Schafer designed home has a beautiful display of potted lemon trees in a row.

Potted Citrus indoors via Southern Accents

An enchanting indoor display of potted lemon trees in a yellow sunroom. Via Southern Accents

Potted lemon tree by Mary Macdonald via Mealnie Acevedo

Mary Macdonald mastered the art of potted citrus in beautifully blue and white pots. A great combination of color and class. Photo by Melanie Acevedo

Potted lemon tree via Veranda

A lemon tree provides the perfect height and texture on this covered veranda of blue and white.

Potted lemon trees by Kara Childress via AD

Spilling ivy and potted lemon trees combine for a decadent combination of chic by Kara Childress. Via AD

Potted lemon trees in a row

Look at the different shapes and heights of the rows of lemon trees. Such a fabulous dynamic. Via Pinterest

potted orange trees and cypress via AD

If you have noted from the post, the more potted lemon trees in a row, the better. They look the best clustered, in large groups, or symmetrically placed in a row. Via AD