Yellow’s Comeback

via AD
I think it’s happening. I am not talking 90’s yellow (flashbacks to sunflowers and overly bright walls). I am talking about the chic shades reminiscent of daffodil and butter. Let’s be honest, the color yellow has had a bad rap recently.
This is coming from someone who grew up in a home of yellow walls and a bright yellow bedroom. Fun fact: I had a full-on meltdown when I came home and saw the painters painting the wrong shade. I should have known then I was too involved with my interiors. Needless to say, yellow is a color of sophistication. A touch away from beige, it can really act as a more in-depth neutral.
Here are a few samples of some yellow inspiration.


Somethings Gotta Give

Dining room for Something’s Gotta Give via Hooked on Houses
Julia Amory of India Amory homeThe home of Julia Amory of India Amory
Yellow living room Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt
Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt via AD

Evelyn Lauder Palm Beach

Evelyn Lauder in her Palm Beach home
Bunny Williams yellow room
Living rooms by Bunny Williams

Nancy Lancaster

Nancy Lancaster, the queen of yellow

Steven Gambrel tonhouse via House Beautiful

Steven Gambrel townhouse via House Beautiful
De Gournay wallpaper Bunny Williamsde Gournay wallpaper Bunny Williams

Miles Redd Yellow via AD

Miles Redd via AD

Yellow room Mark D Sikes Mark D. Sikes design here is just everything

Yellow walls Charlotte Moss
Charlotte Moss can do no wrong. Yellow walls via AD
I just love the yellow shade in this room via AD.