Zen in Aspen

Being on vacation should automatically put you in a state of zen. There is something about the stillness of the mountains in summer and winter that brings a calming and serene presence to your being. When a friend of mine told me about an Aspen home that described the very essence of a calming mountain retreat, I knew I had to find it.

The home she mentioned was designed by Gretchen Greenwood Architects & Associates, with interior design by Lynni Hutton. The Arkansas owners are frequent travelers to Asia, and wanted to create an expansive mountain space that could house their gorgeous Asian antiques. After decades of visiting Aspen, they selected the prime location for their multi-level home perched on Red Mountain. The residence  offers expansive views of the town and Aspen Mountain, unlike any other piece of land in the area. It would be impossible to wake up in this home every morning and not feel like you are on vacation.

Take a peek inside this sophisticated, refined, and clean-lined Aspen home. Photos were originally published in Aspen Peak Magazine.

Zen Entry in Aspen Home

The large glass door in the entry way allows you to see into the home’s abundance of natural stone and wood textures.

Exposed Wood Beams and glass railing

Beautiful exposed wood beams and glass staircases allow for an open layout in the main living area.

Open FIreplace in the Main Room in Aspen Home

An architecturally significant fireplace and sunken seating area. The lights on this fireplace can change colors. Fun for a holiday party or event.

Asian Inspired Bathroom in Aspen Home

A beautiful guest bathroom. Every part of this house has a sanctuary feel.

Green sofa in this media

The downstairs media room. I love the calligraphy brushes on the coffee table.

Basement Kitchen and Game Room in Aspen Home

More of the downstairs media room. A kitchen, card table, and unique pool table fill the space.

Geisha Wall in Aspen Home

A beaded Geisha disguises this elevator in the home. Incredible!

Multi Level Staircase with Art on The Walls in Aspen Home

The multiple landings have doors to each of the different terrace suites. Contemporary art lines the walls and the windows allow for plenty of natural light.

A gorgeous Wood Chest in Aspen Home

A lovely guest bedroom.

Master Bedroom with screen headboard

The master suite has a beautiful Asian screen as the headboard. My favorite room in the house.

Asian Red Chest in This Aspen Home

Another view of the master bedroom shows off an antique red chest that gives a pop of color.

Fireplace and wood finishes

A private sitting area in the home. The whole house has a resort like feel with softer finishes.

Patios on the Multi-Level House

Terraces off of each of the eight suites give access to the multi-million dollar Aspen view.

Aspen Home on Red Mountain

A view of the home that is situated on Red Mountain and features 13,000 square feet of sophisticated, contemporary, and warm Colorado living.