A Cottage Redefined

I was recently going through a special edition of Southern Living: Small Space Ideas. It is a fantastic issue that I highly recommend purchasing for inspiration for those jewel box spaces. While big new homes tend to have a place for everything and fresh sense of self, I think small charming homes are a little more fun to decorate. With small spaces it is necessary to edit, but it is also necessary to have it look collected and punchy with pattern and texture.

One sweet cottage I kept revisiting in the issue is the New Orleans home of Karina Gentinetta. She created a chic revival inspired home that is adorned with charming shutters, a wooden picket fence, and architecturally intriguing details on the outside. The incredible fact about this house: it is new construction. They modeled this home after their 1850 creole cottage. The inside is full of vintage antiques, airy elegance, and a warm textured ambience. I love how it is a mix of old and new. Nothing is overly formal or contrived. It is livable luxury in the form of quaint. Happy Tuesday! XO


Photos by Laurey W. Glenn for Southern Living

Karina Gentinetta via Southern Living 4

Victorian corbets, painted shutters, and a perfectly placed picket fence that oozes charm.

Karina Gentinetta via Southern Living 7

Look at how they antiqued the floorboards. Pretty pales of plants are scattered throughout the side porch entrance.

Karina Gentinetta via Southern Living 2

More of the “new” of the house  comes out in the exposed shelving and stainless island. I love the juxtaposition of the brass chandelier and the rustic wood table with the clean subways tile lines of the kitchen.

Karina Gentinetta via Southern Living 3

I am obsessed with this room that is plush with texture, and surrounded by books, antiques, and established art. It feels current, yet established.

Karina Gentinetta via Southern Living 5

A lovely vignette on this secertary. It is very evident that every piece has a past.

Karina Gentinetta via Southern Living 8

Everything about this screams chic. The patterns of brown, the use of the sofa as a banquet, the white sconces, and the gallery wall.

Karina Gentinetta via Southern Living

Gorgeous interior french doors and white painted hardwood leads to a light-filled hallway with pops of marigold curtains.