Driveway Days

In many places, especially Florida, driveways are often the first thing you see. Let’s face it, they are not often pretty. Your average overhead garage door and cement driveway are most likely not as pretty as your front entrance. Just because it is not the norm, doesn’t mean it is not possible. I think any key to a pretty garage is…landscape! Chances are you probably don’t have a patch of grass close by, but I think nothing is prettier than ivy, bougainvillea, climbing roses or anything well hedged. A lovely lantern and a well molded garage door can also make quite the pop. Just make it pretty!

It is best to treat your garage door as another door to your home and to treat your driveway as another room of the house. Before your entry, your drive is your first impression. Make it count! Here is a sampling of gracious driveways and garage doors to start your morning drive.


Bill Litchfield gravel drive with boxwood via Hammersmith Atlanta

A well crafted array of potted boxwood line this gravel drive by Bill Litchfield. Gravel driveways, particularly those lined with potted boxwood, are a true sign of high-end.

Garage door by Howard Design Studio

A terrific trio of garage doors with a splattering of espalier by Howard Design Studios.

fantastic arched driveway via Homebunch

In you go, past the spheres of boxwood, ivy covered drive, and navy-gray shutters. A lovely display of symmetry and good taste. Via Homebunch

Grass driveway via Southern Living

Grass and stone patterns provide an excellent element of pattern, texture, and design to this already stunning Spanish-style jewel. Via Southern Living

Covered Breezeway via Atlanta Home Mag

A weathered gray driveway that turns into pavers at the side entrance. The creamy white brick and beige window panes provide a great background for the display of greenery around the home.

Hedged driveway with herringbone brick

Now this a well hedged driveway. I often wonder how long it takes to grow something like this. Turning something as mundane as a driveway into something magical! Via So Much More Than NL

Lovely driveway covered in branches

Climbing roses on a white brick garage. A soft and enchanting way to return home or leave for the day. Via Pinterest

Perfect black garage with trimmed ivy  via High Street Market

A well molded and perfectly shined black garage door. A single lantern atop the garage and a contrasting brick drive make for the epitome of chic driveways. Via High Street Market

Simple gravel driveway in this home by Windsor Smith

I said it once (or like 10,000 times) and I’ll say it again, gravel driveways are a symbol of classic elegance. Sounds weird, right?  But honestly, it couldn’t be more factual.  Forget your how they may ruin your Jimmy’s and focus on the understated richness and old world ambience they bring. Gwyneth Paltrow and Windsor Smith agree!