America, The Blue…tiful

I hope my last posts have inspired you to get some wanderlust and set some travel plans in motion. That said, there is no greater feeling than when the wheels are down on your homeland’s soil (wherever your homeland may be). For a majority of my readers, U.S.A. is neatly stamped on our return address. While it is important to explore, it is also crucial to realize just how precious it is to be born here, live here, and be a part of an exceptional nation.

Today, I want to share with you images of my beloved blue and white, with red mixed in. People often shy away from colors that look too holiday, but this combination has a sophistication and cultured flair that is often unexpected. So go and enjoy this special birthday celebration of our young country. May your days be filled with Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Have a happy 4th!


Let Freedom Ring

Samantha Knapp via Lonny

Samantha Knapp’s bedside table with the perfect red, white, and blue prints. Via Lonny

Dining room by Kemble Interiors

A super chic red lacquered dining room with blue velvet chairs by Celerie Kemble. Via Elle Decor

A perfect mix of red, white, blue in this bedroom

A classically lined and streamlined designed red, white, and blue bedroom. So fresh! Via Pinterest

Blue white and red in teh home of Christopher Spitzmiller via AD

Featured recently on TPB, this bedroom is full of pattern, sheen, and glossy splashes of color. Christopher Spitzmiller is fantastic. Via AD

Charles Faudree designed bedroom in blue and white and red

Charles Faudree is the master of French country design. I have a true appreciation for his style.

Blue white and red sitting room by Alessandra Branca via AD

Alessandra Branca knows best with this light-filled, white clapboard mixed with subtle prints and bold solids. Via AD

Istanbul home via Veranda

This home of Serdar Gulgan Istanbul looks pretty patriotic to me. Obsessed with how effective the blue and white ginger jars look on top of the red coffee table. Perfection. Via Town & Country

Red white and blue room by Peter Pennoyer and Jeffrey Bilhuber via AD

Shades of blue and contrasting textures pop atop of the red oriental rug designed by Peter Pennoyer and Jeffrey Bilhuber. Via AD

red white and blue room in Sig Bergamin’s Manhattan apartment via Elle Decor

Red, white and blue living room in an array of patterns, textures, and rich design in Sig Bergamin’s Manhattan apartment. Via Elle Decor

Room by Alessandra Branca via AD

Another superb shot of the home designed by Alessandra Branca with her fantastic blue, white, and red design. How perfect is that chippendale red balcony?! Via AD