A Wall Of Roar

Taxidermy. I’ll admit, I never heard the word prior to moving to Texas. It sounds like a disease caused by paying too many taxes. Read my lips, no new Taxidermy!  However, living in Texas for almost nine years has made me quite aware of it’s actual meaning. While I do not care for the process of how it is created, I do notice the frequent use of it in decor.

I am a big fan of the dimension that antlers, feathers, and fur have when used in a room. For now, I’ll stick with the faux, but here is a daring mix of all types of taxidermy that will clearly turn heads.


Antlers in design by Nina Freudenberger via Lonny

A dramatic wall and contrasting space by Nina Fruedenberger. Via Lonny

Blue and White and a pop of an animal via The Enchanted Home

How can you not love a vignette of blue and white?! A rustic and traditional approach. Via The Enchanted Home

Natural Kitchen witha fish above the stove via Elle Decor

Why not add a fish above the oven? I love the classic and warm personality of this kitchen. Via Elle Decor

Butterflies in a bathroom by Jean Louis Deniot via AD

One of my favorite Parisian bathrooms by Jean Louis Deniot. How enchanting are the framed butterflies? Via AD

Charles de Ganay via Elle Decor

Charles DeGanay’s Chateau strikes boldly and beautifully in green with a dimension of antlers. Via Elle Decor

Creel and Gow Boutique cia AD

A chic wall of deep chocolate brown and wall of collectibles. Via AD

Eclectic wall of photos and taxidermy via Elle Decor

Marvelously collected gallery wall with antlers to impress. Via Elle Decor

Barbara and Rene Stoeltie via AD

This is a bit much for me…imagine this room at night. Also, how does no one bang their head?! I mean, you were thinking that too! Design by  Rene Stoeltie via AD

Emily Proctors living room via Lonny

A casually chic room full of light. I like how the antlers are placed on top of the coffee table books to add height. Via Lonny

Faux Taxidermy via AD

A contrasting faux taxidermy on the wall of this incredibly glamorous apartment. Via AD

Jeffrey Bilhuber Peacock via Elle Decor

Jeffrey Bilhuber always creates remarkable spaces. I love the timeless tradition of this room along with the burst of color of the peacock. Via Elle Decor

Madeline Weinrib via Elle Decor

Madeline Weinrib inspires with this room full of drama and texture. Via Elle Decor