Parisian Pride

I can’t help but feel nostalgia for the City Of Lights, a city that has had to go through so much darkness in the past week. With all the news of Paris, I thought I would revisit some of my favorite Parisian apartments that are decked with the worldly elegance that the city embodies. What is so remarkable about Parisian design is the ability to take charming and architecturally significant buildings, and decorate them with timeless pieces, modern art, and surprising¬†elements of texture.

The apartment I wanted to share with you today is a bold backdrop to a collectors paradise. It is slightly unexpected in it’s application. The coloring is regal, the fabric is rich, yet the layout of the space and the lack of symmetry make it an approachable and livable space. The apartment belongs to fashion designer Andrew GN, whose eye for texture and materials is beyond.

Keep shining the light Paris.

Photos by Simon Upton appeared in Elle Decor.

Feminine Aspect of Andrew GN Paris Apartment

The delicate and feminine room full of light in the apartment. I love the elegance of the herringbone floors.

Blue and Green contrast in Andrew GN Paris Apartment

A wide and bold royal blue velvet tufted chair against a striking green wall full of glorious oil paintings. How freshly collected.

Andrew GN Blue and White via Elle Decor

Blue and white shines against this muted red. It really works well since there is a great deal of brown hues in this red paint.

Andrew GN Paris living room via

Phenomenal use of color and placement, without being overly rehearsed.

Andrew Gn Paris Apartment via Elle Decor

I. just. can’t. Love the chic elegance of this vignette. Would look timeless in any style home.

Andrew GN Paris Apartment

Not very often we get to see tapestry, especially one so perfectly sized for the wall.

China on the wall of Andrew GN Paris apartment

The sweet simplicity of white china against milky gray walls.

Worldly texture via Andrew GN Paris apartment via Elle Decor

A more earthy and worldly room full of eclectic patterns and discovery.