A Painted Sky

I don’t ever walk into a room and think, “Oh my, that ceiling is just to die for.” I am being honest. It is not on the forefront of my mind. Chances are I am more apt to notice the wallpaper, fabric choices, and prominent texture that exists in a space. The paint color of the ceiling tends to be an after thought, a red-headed step child of design decision making. While it may seem distant, it is part of the family and is very much a crucial element of a room’s overall atmosphere.

Today, I am focusing on painted ceilings that are set apart from the traditional off-white application. I want to examine painted ceilings that stand-out and make the room come alive in a way that tradition would not allow. A pop of color from above can often be the cherry on top of a perfect room.

House Beautiful Ceiling Quote

Jeffery Bilhunber painted ceiling via ED

Jeffery Bilhuber uses a sherbet lacquered orange in this den featured in Elle Decor.

Amanda Nisbet Painted Porch via her website

A pop of purple and potted boxwoods on this colorful painted porch by Amanda Nisbet.

Blue painted ceiling via Veranda

A matted powder blue brings a sophistication to this room. Photo source: Veranda

Michael S. Smith Duplex in Chicago via AD

Gold leaf on the ceiling gives this kitchen by Michael S. Smith a polished look. Photo source: AD

Brian McCarthy manhattan apartment via Veranda

Brian McCarthy adds a classic and modern edge to this manhattan living room featured in Veranda.

Color the ceiling all the way to the top by Ken Fulk via House Beautiful

An alternative to painting the ceiling a different color, is painting the ceiling the same color as the walls. It can add a wonderful jewel-box effect. Design by Ken Fulk in House Beautiful.

Gold Leaf Ceiling via ED

A golden yellow ceiling adds warmth and contrast to this classically contrived hallway. Photo source: Elle Decor

House Beaitful ceiling paint quote

House Beautiful painted blue raised ceiling

A raised ceiling of mediterranean blue adds a vivid pop of color in this white kitchen. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Hues of Blues via Pinterest

A heavily grayed-blue ceiling accents the neutral living area. Photo source: Pinterest

John Robshaw Shades of blue via ED

A different shade of blue in the New York study of John Robshaw creates a color blocking effect between the ceiling and the walls. Photo source: Elle Decor

Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle library with painted ceiling via ED

Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle add a contrasting light blue ceiling to the high-gloss Benjamin Moore “Off Black” walls in this fabulous den. For more on the gallery wall. Photo source: Elle Decor

A splash of navy and grey ceilings via Elle Decor

A ceiling with contrasting play and intricate detail. Photo source: Elle Decor

Painted Hallway In Florida Home via Veranda 2010

A unique painted hallway in this Florida home features a layered blue ceiling that provides a swimming pool effect. Doesn’t it look like a water’s reflection? Photo source: Veranda

Shades of Gray in this bedroom featured in AD

So many shades of gray in this sleek bedroom full of texture. I love how the smooth glossy ceiling contrasts with the textured papered walls.  Photo source: AD