The Gorgeous Designs Of Suellen Gregory

In yesterday’s post I came across some beautiful white rooms by Suellen Gregory. The rooms were full of chic personality and classic lines. I immediately knew I had to find out more. Suellen lives in Richmond, Virginia and possess an eye for stately antiques combined with dynamic design. At times her designs seem familiar, but she tends to find a ways to layer them with surprises of color and fabric.

Here are more timeless, colorful, and inviting rooms by Suellen Gregory. Happy Wednesday!

A lovely hall of blue, white, and zebra via Decorpad

A lovely use of texture and antiques in this hall of blue, white, and zebra. Photo source: DecorPad

Yellow and Blue entry by Suellen Gregory

An incredible mix of leopard, chinoiserie, blue and yellow. I love the blue glossy door. Photo source: Suellen Gregory

Suellen Greogory's splash of colors via Veranda

White walls showcase this striking pink of the sofa and curtains. I just adore the gold and black shade lamp! Photo source: Veranda

A cheerful bedroom by Suellen Gregory via her website

A delightful play of pattern and color. Photo source: Suellen Gregory

A dining room by Suellen Gregory via House of Turquoise

A divine dining room with gray and white checkerboard floors. Elegant and sophisticated. Photo source: House of Turquoise 

A calming bedroom with personality by Suellen Gregory via Vtinteriors

A lovely master retreat with incredible monogram and pattern. Photo source: Vtinteriors

Beautiful antiques by Suellen Gregory via Cote de Texas

Gorgeous antiques and rich fabrics in this room by Suellen that was featured on Cote de Texas.

Blue and Zebra bedroom via Veranda

A superb retreat. I think side swung curtains look great in bedrooms with large windows. Photo source: Veranda

Girl's room by Suellen Gregory via Haus and Home

A cool and charismatic girl’s room by Gregory. I love the book stack!  Photo source: Haus and Home

Green and colorful living area by Suellen Gregory via House of Turquoise

A layered green wall highlights this colorful and preppy room. Photo source: House of Turquoise

A Pop of pink in this richmond home by Suellen Gregory

Pretty in pink with this vignette full of antiques and modern elements. Photo source: Veranda

Kitchen by Suellen Gregory via Pinterst

A traditional kitchen of blue and white. Notice the light fixtures?! Photo source: Pinterest

Outdoor bar by Suellen Gregory via My Chic Design

A chic outside bar area styled by Gregory. Photo source: My Chic Design

Pops of pink in this narrow hallway by Suellen Gregory via Mix and Chic

Splashes of pink in this light gray entry. I love the candelabras. Photo source: Mix and Chic

Shades of green and blue by Suellen Gregory via House of Turquoise

Blue, white, and green intertwine seamlessly in this traditional and comfortable living room. Photo source: Suellen Gregory

Suellen Gregory hallways via Pink Pagoda

This timeless and chic hallway is my absolute favorite piece of work by Suellen. Photo source: Suellen Gregory

Suellen Gregory hallway via Pink Pagoda

Another glimpse of this hallway and phenomenal wallpaper. Photo source: The Pink Pagoda

Suellen Gregory via The Pink Pagoda

Gorgeous green is striking on the pillows, lamps, and headboard. Photo source: Suellen Gregory

Suellen Gregory via Veranda

White and gold with lots of contrast. SO incredibly elegant! Photo source: Veranda